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Aims/priorities: The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund has launched a new grants strategy for 2021. This year, the Trust’s primary focus is to help support the needs of young carers and young people caught up in the criminal justice system. This marks a shift from previous years when the Trust focused its funding on unpaid adult carers and adult offenders. The funding is not for standalone new projects, rather it is to support work that ‘amplifies the impact’ of existing work with young carers (up to the age of 25) and develops existing support around learning and access to education and training. 

This round (now open for applications) is supporting young people with criminal convictions. The funding is for projects that work with young people with criminal convictions (up to the age of 25) to find meaningful and secure employment. It is intended for:

  • Projects solely working with young offenders.
  • Projects building on work that the organisation is already doing with young offenders or adult ex-offenders.
  • Projects with an employment focus and targets that are specifically linked to employment outcomes.

To be eligible, projects must:

  • Have specific outcomes and targets related to securing employment for young people with criminal convictions. (General employability and training programmes that are solely focused on being ‘employment ready’ or ‘better skilled’ will not be considered.)
  • Show that they will also work with employers and provide post placement support to both employee and employer.
  • Demonstrate that they understand the wide range of challenges and issues that will need to be addressed to help a young person succeed on their employment journey.
  • Show existing work with young people who have been in the criminal justice system is already taking place and can evidence a track record of helping them to achieve positive outcomes. Applicants might already provide employment support or want to add this focus to the current support they offer young people.

Priority will be given to proposals that provide specialist support to target those who are particularly disadvantaged:

  • Young people who are from Black or minoritised/racialised communities, often referred to as Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities (BAME).
  • Young women and girls.
  • Young people who have been looked after.

All grants for organisations working with young offenders must have started by 30 November 2022.

Who can apply? Registered charities, not-for-profit social enterprises and community interest companies that are working within the UK and have a UK office are eligible to apply. Applying organisations must have an income of less than £1 million over the past three years.

The Trust particularly welcomes applications from organisations working in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Social enterprise and community interest companies must have a governing document which shows the name, aim/purpose, objects of the group, including a dissolution clause. This clause should show that the organisation is a not-for-profit group by confirming that any assets remaining after all debts are paid will be given to another voluntary group with similar aims. This document should also include details of the organisation's Trustees or management committee.

For the second round of 2021, organisations must have experience of either working with young offenders or working with adult ex-offenders in an employment context.

Grant amount: From £10,000 up to £60,000 for a duration of six months to two years. A maximum of £30,000 per year can be requested.

Application process: There is a two-stage application process.

  • Stage one is to complete the online application form on the Triangle Trust website.
  • Stage two will involve a visit from the Trust's Director to the shortlisted applicants (usually between six and eight organisations).

Grants are usually awarded five months after the closing date. Full details can be found on the Triangle Trust website.

Deadline: Noon on 26 October 2021

Contact information: Email:, Tel: 01273 810263

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