Grants Awarded in Oldham

GM Moving Oldham Local Pilot   Oldham Household Support Fund    Standing Together Domestic Abuse Fund    Volunteer Celebration Fund – Oldham    One Oldham Fund

At Action Together we recognise community action is taking place across Oldham and we want to encourage and support this action.

GM Moving Oldham Local Pilot

The Oldham Local Development Pilot is part of the Greater Manchester-wide GM Moving programme funded by Sport England to increase activity levels for people living in Greater Manchester. A big part of the project is understanding on a local level what it takes to secure ‘population scale change in physical behaviour’, through targeted local development pilot’s in each GM borough. View GM Moving Oldham Local Pilot - Projects Funded.

Oldham Household Support Fund

Oldham Council is working with Action Together to launch Phase 4 of the Household Support Fund.

The purpose of this fund is to provide a flexible cash first fund which can meet emergency needs for residents before financial challenges escalate. It is aimed at those from communities and in situations where offers from the existing structured system are less trusted, accessible or appropriate. As well as reducing the impact of the cost of living crisis for these residents who already face greater inequality, this will have the added benefit of building trust for future initiatives to work better and reducing the likelihood of those communities needing more expensive interventions further down the line. View Oldham Household Support Fund - Projects Funded.

Standing Together Domestic Abuse Fund

Oldham Community Safety and Cohesion Partnership have agreed a grant investment from the Standing Together Community Grant Fund to enable voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise groups and organisations who support victims and families affected by domestic violence and abuse to continue to provide support in the absence of other funding streams. View Standing Together Domestic Abuse Fund - Projects Funded.

Volunteer Celebration Fund

Action Together invited local voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise groups across Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside to apply for one of our Volunteer Celebration Fund grants to support an activity celebrating volunteers during 2022 and 2023. View Volunteer Celebration Fund - Projects Funded.

One Oldham Fund

Since our One Oldham Fund launched in October 2021 the voluntary sector in Oldham has received over £400,000 in investments from our One Oldham Fund. View One Oldham Fund - Projects Funded.