Our Volunteering Team

Our Volunteering Team can help you find an opportunity that fits in alongside your other commitments and is appropriately matched with your relevant skills and experiences, as well as your reasons for volunteering.

You can register to use our online directory which will allow you to search through hundreds of volunteer opportunities currently advertised by local groups and organisations across Oldham, Tameside & Rochdale. If you are interested in a particular role you can then send through an expression of interest and the organisation or group will then contact you directly to discuss next steps.

If you would like some help with finding a role that is right for you our team are on-hand to provide 1:1 support either in person, over the phone, or online. During your 1:1 appointment we will work with you to understand your motivation for volunteering, learn about your skills and interests, and then match you with an appropriate volunteering opportunity within a local organisation or group. We can support you through the process and ensure that you understand what to expect during your volunteering journey, being available to answer any questions you may have.  

For a face-to-face appointment we can meet with you in community settings across Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside. You can find out where we are in the community or you can get in touch and request a meeting:

For more information call us on 0161 339 2345 or email our team.


So, why volunteer? 

Volunteering is a great way to give something back and to make a positive difference within your local community, but there are also so many benefits for you too!

  1. Boost confidence and self-esteem
  2. Learn new skills and challenge yourself
  3. Improve employability prospects
  4. Build sense of purpose
  5. Meet new people
  6. Feel part of your community


What should I expect as a volunteer, and what will be expected of me?

When starting in your volunteering role and throughout your volunteering journey there are some key things that will be expected of you, and also some things that you should expect from the organisation you are volunteering for. This should help to ensure that you are able to make a positive difference within your role, and that you really get the most out of your time as a volunteer.

As a volunteer you should:

  • Be an ambassador for the organisation you support
  • Adhere to all organisational policies and procedures
  • Communicate any changes in circumstance that may affect your ability to volunteer
  • Complete any required training or supervision sessions

In return your organisation should provide you with:

  • A high quality training and induction programme
  • A clear and meaningful role description
  • Access to a named first-point of contact
  • Reasonable expenses i.e. travel
  • A fair process for overcoming any challenges that arise during your volunteering


What do I need to know as a volunteer?

There are some core topics that are important for all volunteers to be aware of. In preparing for your new volunteering role, or just in case you want to refresh your knowledge check out our bitesize volunteer training videos:

When you begin your volunteering your organisation will provide you with an induction which will cover any specific training required for your particular role. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect from Action Together’s Volunteer Service?

Everyone who registers with our Volunteering Service is able to access:

  • A 1:1 appointment to find out more about you and why you want to volunteer
  • Personalised support to match you up with a volunteer role that suits your interests, skills, and motivations for volunteering
  • Follow-up appointments to check how you're doing
  • Receive our regular communications to keep you updated about new local volunteering opportunities


2. I've registered with the online directory and expressed an interest in a volunteering role, when can I expect to hear from the organisation?

We support organisations to provide quality, enjoyable, and rewarding volunteer experiences, and so if you have expressed an interest in a volunteering opportunity but after 7 days have not yet heard from the organisation please let us know and we can follow this up for you. You can give us a call 0161 339 2345 or email our team.


3. I am living with a disability, can you find me an appropriate volunteering opportunity?

Yes – Action Together are committed to ensuring that volunteering is inclusive and accessible to all. We work with many groups that offer suitable volunteering opportunities for those living with all kinds of disabilities, and that are able to provide the necessary support or reasonable adjustments that you may need. As part of our organisational strategy we continue to work closely with our groups to develop accessible and safe volunteering opportunities for all.


4. Can I volunteer if I am claiming Universal Credit?

Yes - up to 50% of your job search and preparation hours can currently be spent volunteering within the existing claimant commitment. Volunteering is a great way for you to learn new skills and to gain confidence in a workplace environment, which can be a really beneficial step in supporting you to secure future employment.


5. I am an asylum seeker, am I able to volunteer?

Yes - since 2000 it has been Home Office policy that asylum seekers are able to volunteer. If you are new to the country volunteering can be a great way for you to engage with and support the local community, as well as providing an opportunity to meet new people and support with your English language skills.


6. If I am in the UK on a visitor’s visa am I able to volunteer?

Visitors under the standard route are able to carry out 30 days volunteering at a registered UK charity without having to be sponsored under the work routes.


7. Do I have to be a certain age to volunteer?

Different roles and groups will have different minimum age restrictions for volunteering. We do sometimes advertise volunteering roles available for young people from the age of 14, however for other roles, particularly those involving work with children or at-risk adults, you may need to be 18. There is no upper age limit for volunteering, as long as you can carry out your role safely and effectively.


8. I have a criminal conviction, am I able to volunteer?

Individuals with lived experience of the criminal justice system can often offer a unique perspective within certain organisations and volunteering roles. Our experience is that the fear of judgement or rejection often prevents individuals with a criminal record from applying to volunteer, however the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) applies in the same way to volunteering as it does to employment. A criminal conviction will not necessarily prevent you from becoming a volunteer; the decision will rest with the organisation and depend on the type of offence and its relevance to the volunteering role. Organisations may only ask about spent convictions or request Standard or Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks if the voluntary work is of a nature that is exempt from the ROA.