Our Strategy

Action Together Strategy 2023 - 28 by Action Together

Our charitable purpose

  • To strengthen the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector.
  • To enable positive social change and promote social justice.

Our values

  • Believe it’s possible – Vision and ideas matter. We have confidence in the power of people and communities and strive to release their potential to create the widest possible benefits whilst promoting social justice.
  • Strengthen others – we work in ways that strengthen people, places and partnerships. We achieve this by working collaboratively, sharing skills and developing relationships between people and groups.
  • Be true – we are brave enough to share constructive insight in order to make progress. Our unique insight comes from our connections with, and amplification of, the diverse range of voices of people and groups that we work with.

Our vision

  • A connected, resilient and diverse VCFSE sector that supports people and communities to do the things they love and change the things they don’t.
  • Collectively we have the power to make things better, addressing the impacts and root causes of poverty and inequalities.

What we do

  • We support people and groups to make more of a difference and give their time to the things that matter most.
  • We facilitate action groups and networks that bring together diverse perspectives to address the root causes of poverty and inequalities.
  • We secure investment that supports local action, remove barriers and help to get funding to where it’s needed most.
  • We advocate for the VCFSE to be heard and for local experiences and insight to shape decisions and enable social change.

Our strategy to 2028

We launched our new five-year strategy in December 2022, to take us from 2023 to 2028.

The strategy will cover all of our core work in Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside, with these shared strategic priorities:

  1. Strengthen social infrastructure for connected communities
  2. Advance our approach to social change
  3. Grow and transform as a local funder

Click through our full strategy at the top of this page, or at this link: Action Together Strategy 2023 - 28


About Action Together

Action Together was formed in April 2016 to bring together two charities: Voluntary Action Oldham (VAO) and Community and Voluntary and Action Tameside (CVAT). Action Together is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), registered charity number 1165512, formed under the Charities Act 2011.