Grants Awarded in Rochdale

At Action Together we recognise community action is taking place across the borough of Rochdale, and we want to encourage and support this action. 


Projects funded in Rochdale


Amount Awarded


Awakening Minds


To continue to supply food parcels, shopping for people who are self-isolating, posting letters and receiving and offering comfort calls.

Bowlee Community Association £1,000

Delivering afternoon tea packages to vulnerable people and provide online information and activities through Facebook and Twitter pages including daily updates.

Castlemere Community Centre  £1,000

Providing food for the NHS staff at the Rochdale Infirmary on the weekends. The organisation has been providing food for 40 staff, every weekend, at the Rochdale Infirmary as the canteen is temporarily shut on the weekends.

Central Mosque Rochdale  £1,000

To procure adequate PPE supplies and safety kits.

Darnhill Festival Association £977

Working in partnership with Link4Life and Cartwheel Arts, to support the creation and distribution of 125 emergency art packs to disadvantaged families on the Darnhill estate, Heywood.

Demesne Community Centre  £1,000

To produce online community centre content such as exercise classes, arts and crafts, advice and informational videos on how to use technology. The group will set up a YouTube channel to keep all the videos together, were they can be easily viewed and sharing them on its Facebook page.

Europia £1,000

To support the increase in enquires for welfare advice, how to claim sick pay and COVID-19 issues, the organisation will be rolling out the Europia Emergency Fund to Rochdale.

Hare Hill House, Littleborough £528

To provide continuing contact, support and signposting to a community that is vulnerable and approximately half of whom do not use the internet or social media. The project will encourage them to keep physically and mentally active in the home by providing a range of activities using both online and offline communications.

Hebron Church £602.52 The church will use Chalker's Fresh Produce in Rochdale home delivery service to eliminate extra visits to the supermarket and buy bulk meat from Costco and store in the church’s freezer. 
Middleton Popstars Academy of Performing Arts Ltd £1,000

Making phone calls to people in isolation. 

Milnrow and Newhey Resident Watch £200

To purchase health and safety items for volunteers to use when helping the community with collection and delivery of essential items while self-isolating.

SVP Heywood Foodbank £1,000

Food parcels will be distributed to registered families twice a week.

The Sanctuary Trust £1,000

To cover volunteer expenses to support the local community.

Vintage Worx Community Development Trust £1,000 To set everyone up on Zoom and hold online craft sessions, virtual afternoon teas and general meet ups every week so they can chat with each other, take part in activities and hopefully feel a little less lonely.
WHAG Community Enterprise UP CIC £600 To provide two half-day health and wellbeing sessions via Zoom for frontline workers.
Crescent Community Radio  £1,000

To support the volunteers who set up a dedicated coronavirus support helpline in Urdu, supporting vulnerable people in the community by connecting volunteers to help out, as well as creating short summaries of the latest guidance in the Urdu language.

ECHOES OF HOPE (EOH) £983.90 To support bilingual volunteers service with fuel, transport costs and remote telephone calls for vulnerable residents including pregnant women.
Home-Start Rochdale Borough £680 To share an activity and wellbeing support package with families, to help lift their mood and encourage them to join in fun and creative activities together. 
MASAKHANE £970 To operate 24/7 online chat service, confidential telephone helpline and email counselling service over 16 weeks.
Rochdale Hornets Sporting Foundation £700 To offer more exciting activity and engagement with its social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and website to help its more vulnerable community members to see the community, wheelchair team, women’s team, fan base and anyone interested in Rochdale Hornets.
The Veterans Food Co CIC £1,000 To hire a professional kitchen, get and cook great fresh food and deliver it to veterans and their families who are shielding, social distancing and isolating or who are vulnerable.
HMR Circle £1,000 To purchase health and safety items for volunteers to use when helping the community with collection and delivery of essential items while self-isolating.
Geddit £538 To provide two half day health and wellbeing sessions via Zoom for frontline workers.
Bridging Communities  £981.99

To produce art and crafts videos for children and their parents to work together to make the same item to improve their mental health. They send in the pictures to be displayed on the website. 

Caring and Sharing Charity Organisation £1,000 To contribute to the travel costs for volunteers to support people who cannot do it themselves and to pay a subscription for Zoom.
Rochdale Oldham and District Samaritans £1,000

To support volunteers and keep them safe during the pandemic by undertaking enhanced cleaning, particularly of shared areas of the branch and making sure volunteers travel expenses are covered. All volunteers come from the local area.

Rochdale and District Mind £755.20 To provide an online space for individuals to ‘socialise’ during social distancing restrictions to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing including an online social café, giving opportunity to talk to one another and to see one another and this would be facilitated by a wellbeing coordinator. 
Rochdale Connections Trust £1,000 Support to pay for weekly ingredients to make a meal. The group include recipe guidelines and put a short video on its Facebook page to show how to make the meal. 
CommuniTea CIC £1,000

To help create a support network online and start up a group video chat using Zoom/WhatsApp or skype call once a day to minimise feeling alone might help with our cohort of service users. The group will also arrange an online chatter and natter with friends and family or with community members as well as developing coping strategies and home exercises. 

Deaf Rhinos £200 To support the delivery of the parcels, DBS checks etc. and purchase protective equipment and other requirements. Volunteers will provide support through the phone and messaging and organise online meetings for deaf members through Zoom.
LGBT Foundation £500 To support the helpline provision during this time of crisis and increased demand. This is often the main gateway into its wider provisions, which includes; 1-to-1 counselling and talking therapies, substance abuse support; 1-to-1 domestic abuse casework including safety planning, practical advice and emotional support; online activities and workshops; digital support groups; trans advocacy services; and more. 
Kirkholt Pantry £1,000

To help purchase the extra food in the coming weeks, to meet the demand. The £3 it charges is redistributed to sustain food for people, but also into buying into Fareshare & local supermarkets when Fareshare cannot provide basic household items such as bread, tea, coffee, sugar etc.

Smallbridge Pantry £1,000

To help purchase the extra food in the coming weeks, to meet the demand. The £3 it charges is redistributed to sustain food for people, but also into buying into Fareshare & local supermarkets when Fareshare cannot provide basic household items such as bread, tea, coffee, sugar etc.

Wardleworth Community Centre Association £992 As many of the muslim client will also be observing the month of Ramadan, the centre would like to provide 100 food packs in the Wardleworth area so that they can break the fast.
Lamet Habayeb Association  £1,000 To support its service users by using the funding to purchase, a mobile phone, that we can use to keep in touch with them, and provide them with food parcels that suits their needs to prepare traditional food and sweets for their children during Ramadan. 
Rochdale Dawah Centre £200

To provide basic packs with fun and engaging activities with stationary (pens, pencils, rubbers etc). Each pack is going to cost £8 with the equipment and printing. 

Creative Health and Wellbeing and CIC Company £1,000

To design and print 200 Rochdale themed painting books based on views of Rochdale. The books will be printed on paper that can be used with watercolours. The books would be distributed in the first instance to residents living in independent living schemes in Rochdale – RBH are supporting this project. 

Youth Connections £900

To provide a small gift (including pens, sweets, toys) to children of vulnerable families.

Burnside Centre £129.99

Working with Fare Share and Food For Life to provide the people of Langley with a local food delivery service and to purchase a chest freezer to support the project.

The Flowhesion Foundation £500

To employ two sessional qualified tutors in English and Maths to continue to support the 18 young people to complete homework and continue to benefit from booster sessions during the COVID-19 unprecedented crisis. 

The Lighthouse Project £999

To open the foodbank/pantry for a third day each week and to purchase a new refrigerator to store the extra fresh food it is receiving. This will maximise storage and ensure it reaches the recipients in a fresh condition.

Kirkholt Community Church £1,000

To support families that need more computer space as they have more than one child at home and one or more of the parents/carers are needing to work from home using the internet. To buy refurbished ipads to also be used for its projects after lockdown is lifted and people need to get back out into the community.

Jamboree Arts £1,000

To create a series of craft packs containing mosaic kits to make place mats and/or coasters. These would include a set of instructions and, for those who are online, a link to a video showing people how to use the kits. 

Kashmir Youth Project £1,000

To obtain and share food parcels containing items which are culturally appropriate and suitable for BAME communities (without excluding others) and for those that have specific dietary needs such as diabetes. The funds will be used to supplement items that are donated and package them up safely and in accordance with health and safety guidelines. 

The Friends of Hopwood Park £461

The group has been offering a voluntary home baked delivery service from the Tree House Community Cafe at Hopwood Park, this service is primarily aimed at isolated and vulnerable individuals and families. The grant we be used to purchase a new oven.

Rochdale and District Disability Action Group Ltd £997.60

To provide radios for disabled people who are lonely and isolated. It has members who, as a result of COVID-19, are having to spend time on their own, even people who don’t live alone but who are shielding may have to be in a separate room to the rest of their household and don’t have access to a TV or radio.

Sheltered Housing in Partnership (SHiP) £1,000

With the help of volunteers from Rochdale Borough Housing (RBH) to boost morale and wellbeing by delivering boxed afternoon teas to 200 individual RBH sheltered residents across the Borough.

5th Middleton East Brownies £200

Post activities to the girls who are part of the Brownies group as some don’t have access to the internet. The grant will help to purchase a printer cartridges, paper and postage.

Falinge Community Group £900

To support its children and activities during the pandemic. Funding for refreshments, quiz games etc, arts & craft etc. It has been carrying out online sessions with its children and families, using zoom. The sessions keep them connected to a number of families on Falinge and Wardleworth. 

Army of Kindness  £1,000

For food, ingredients to manage food delivery and to connect via zoom with its volunteers. Funding for cooking, deliveries of food parcels, shop collection, online purchasing, to comply with safety, stationery for printing posters leaflets etc.