Get my group connected

This section is where you can find details of how you can get involved and get connected with others. 

We can help you get to know who’s out there and what’s going on. There are lots of networks across our region - Voluntary Organisation Local Chief Officers Network, Better Futures Tameside, Faiths United, Foodbanks, Poverty Action Group, Society Works, Voluntary Community and Faith Partnership. Please visit our events page to discover the latest networking opportunities.

Community Explorers

Action Together has listened to what our members are saying about opportunities to network locally and have organised a series of monthly Community Explorers gatherings. The purpose of these gatherings is to enable voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector groups and organisations within local communities to network with each other to enable them to find out what each other are doing, what else is happening in your area and how Action Together can support you.

Click here to find out about community explorers in Oldham. For more information please contact Nayan Joshi on Email: or Tel: 0161 339 2345.

Click here to find out about community explorers in Tameside. For more information please contact Dawn Acton on Email or Tel: 0161 339 2345.

We act on behalf of the voluntary sector and represent our local communities. We have a role in some important changes happening across Greater Manchester including devolution. 

Your voice matters. There are always chances for you to have your say in local and national consultations.

Our key partners 
We have many key local partners. Amongst the organisations we work with are Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities, and Pennine Care Foundation Trust. 

We meet local priorities with our projects. Here are some ways our projects make a difference - 

  • Working together to reduce poverty – Poverty Action Groups
  • The local consumer champion for health and social care services - Healthwatch
  • Helping people in crisis get the support they need - Public Service Reform
  • Supporting community action that builds on ‘what’s strong, not what’s wrong’ - Asset based community development. 
  • Creating new ways of delivering health, care and wellbeing - Care Together