Rochdale Networks

Rochdale Networks

Action Together hosts a range of networks to strength voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise organisations in Rochdale:

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Supporting Families Grassroots Gathering

To connect and develop relationships between organisations that support families including VCFSE and statutory services. Working in Rochdale borough to come together to share information, make ‘asks and offers’, develop new ideas and connections. For further information, contact Julie Durrant on Tel: 0161 339 2345 or Email:

Grassroots Gatherings - Rochdale

Grassroots Gatherings offer a space for voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise groups in Rochdale to come together, network and share information, ideas and resources. Please click here for the dates of the next Grassroot Gatherings.

For more details, contact Suzanne Vincent Partnerships Co-ordinator at Email or Tel: 0161 339 2345.

Collaboration Networks

If you need support, it might be that a member of one of our Collaboration Networks can help. Please click here for the dates of the below networks:

Economic Support Network

This network is building an ecosystem of economic support that values worth beyond wealth and maximises opportunities to tackle scarcity.  It includes 20+ VCFSE Partners and is co-hosted by Action Together and Citizens Advice.

The Economic Support Network has recently co-designed a Financial Support Tool to help people facing financial difficulty identify where they can go for key support need. It can be used by people in Rochdale borough themselves, or frontline workers / volunteers supporting them. To access the tool click here. Contact if you would like some printed copies or a version to host on your own website. Click here for training on using the Financial Support Toolkit.

For more information about this network, please contact

Food Solutions Network

The Food Solutions Network exists to facilitate community, voluntary, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) sector organisations, alongside statutory partners, to improve access to food for the people of Rochdale Borough. We want everyone in the Rochdale borough to be able to enjoy nutritious, appropriate food with dignity and without deprivation. The Food Solutions Network welcomes and supports all foodbanks, pantries, clubs and social food projects in the borough. If you want to find food support in the borough, please take a look at our Food Aid signposting sheet. Click here for more information.

Women’s Services Network

Tackling inequality in women’s lives and connecting the dots between women’s services and support. There are 22 voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise groups involved. If you are interested please contact

Disability Forum

An opportunity to connect, share information, highlight issues and work together to break down barriers experienced by disabled people. If you would like to contribute, please email

Inclusive Messaging

This group is co-designing inclusive messages, with people who are closest to some of the barriers to inclusion. It includes 15+ VCFSE partners and is coordinated by Action Together. If you would like to join, please contact


To receive local information and advice you might like to follow #TogetherRochdale on social media or visit the #TogetherRochdale page on Healthwatch Rochdale’s website. #TogetherRochdale is a local partnership communications group that exists to bring together voluntary, community, social enterprise, and faith organisations with statutory partners and local providers to ensure there is a consistent partnership approach to communications within the Rochdale borough.