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10GM is a joint venture which brings together VCSE infrastructure organisations across Greater Manchester to amplify the voice of the sector and lobby for positive change. 

10GM is led by Action Together, Salford CVS, Bolton CVS and Macc. It also works closely with partners in the other boroughs (Bury CVS, Wigan Borough Community Partnership, Thrive, Sector 3).

What is the purpose of 10GM?

The aim of coming together at a regional level is to improve:

Impact – increase the effectiveness of the VCSE sector in tackling and reducing inequality across the communities of Greater Manchester.

Quality - Equipping people and organisations within the VCSE sector to demonstrate and increase their impact on the lives of people who live, work and study in Greater Manchester.

Influence - support a strong independent voice for the VCSE sector which can shape key areas of policy and decision making.

Reach - enhance communication and collaboration within the VCSE sector and with public, private and academic sector partners.

Efficiency – increase the effectiveness, sustainability and ingenuity of support to the VCSE sector in all boroughs of Greater Manchester.

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