GM Moving Oldham Local Pilot

The Oldham Local Development Pilot is part of the Greater Manchester-wide GM Moving programme funded by Sport England to increase activity levels for people living in Greater Manchester. A big part of the project is understanding on a local level what it takes to secure ‘population scale change in physical behaviour’, through targeted local development pilot’s in each GM borough.

In Oldham, our overall priorities are projects and community groups in the areas of Glodwick and Failsworth; working with Children and Young People aged 5-18 in out of school settings, people out of work or at risk of becoming workless and people aged 40 to 60 with, or at risk of, long term conditions (cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disorders).

For the next phase of the Oldham Local Pilot from 2021-23, investment is available in particular for projects and initiatives which:

  • Make it easy for people to get involved with physical activity in the places where they live or work
  • Get more value from other funding and initiatives coming into the local area
  • Seek to changing people’s mindset or environment in ways that will encourage physical activity
Group Amount awarded Project description
Failsworth Walking Group £400.00

The walks address mental health, wellbeing and social isolation, improve social networks and the themed walks provide aspects of local interest and heritage.

Fresh Beleaf Integrity CIC £609.86

Delivered 4 Workshops with two mosques and two schools, exploring the potential of Glodwick and the environment, what we could do about it in our locality. 

Ghazali Trust £3,147.00 The #CleanGlodwick initiative is led by Glodwick residents. The aim is for everyone to take ownership in cleaning the immediate area where they live. Everyone cleans the front of their houses and the rear alleyways behind their house on a fortnightly basis.

GRACE - Girls Raising Aspiration

£6,607.00 They planned activities that provide their participants with the opportunity to experience the country lifestyle, where they take the inner city to the farm. They wanted to pioneer the opportunity to increase physical activity whilst connecting to nature at the same time.
Iqra Education Welfare Trust £2,395.30

Applied for the grant to purchase exercise equipment to be able to offer suitable PE lessons for the school and weekend classes to children and teens. Examples include boxing, MMA, wrestling, martial arts, yoga etc

Oldham Betal Church £1,000.00

Providing free football training sessions to asylum seekers, refugees and people on low income in their local community in Glodwick where their church is based and for people across Oldham who are aged 16+.

Oldham Cancer Support


They offered their clients the opportunity to join their Walking Group. All their clients can find themselves very isolated for a variety of different reasons and this has had a knock-on effect to a lack of exercise and a lack of fresh air.
Oldham Coliseum Theatre £4,500.00

Theatre Walks The Oldham Coliseum Theatre famed for its world-class pantomime will produce the digital and physical materials to create fun and educational guided walks around the areas of Oldham. 

Oldham Greenhill Community Sports & Recreation £5,131.00 They engaged 40 less active young people from the ages of 6 to 14 years in multi sports activities during Christmas and February school holidays. They provide breakfast and lunches for the young people. The activities ran from 10.00am till 3.00pm Monday to Friday and on weekends from 10 till 2pm enjoying different activities.
Team Taz Muay Thai £5,000.00

They introduced a women's only training facility, this would include treadmills, rowing machines, cycling machines, cross trainers and other strength conditioning machines. The investment will help target the unfit and unhealthy clients within the local community and be encouraged to use the facilities.

The Outdoor Collective £1,357.00 To provide outdoor guided walking sessions whilst incorporating digital media training." This means that the charity takes people on guided walks around Greater Manchester whilst incorporating training on how to capture and edit media, using different guided learning styles such as kinaesthetic, auditory and spatial. 
Wheelchair Trust £730.00

Weekly meetings for wheelchair users, arranging activities that are enjoyable and physical.

Women's Chai Project £7,766.00

The group was awarded the funding to deliver three different projects to give women from South Asian background’s the opportunity to get active and address poor mental health, family health and social isolation. Delivering a 12 month podcast and partnership with other organisations to run a series of walking groups.