People through Pets

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Aims/priorities: The People through Pets scheme provides funding to organisations whose main activity is:

  • the provision of temporary or ongoing assistance to ensure pets can remain with their owners, where rehoming takes place only when it is not possible to reunite the pet with their owner


  • changing the lives of adults and children through the provision of animal-based activities or practical assistance.  The Foundation will consider applications towards specific projects. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to:
  • Capital projects - building renovations or new building work will only be considered if:

                      - The building's main use is the delivery of animal-based activities or animal care.

                      - The property is owned by the charity, in the charity's name.

                      - The property is rented by the organisation, and there are at least 25 years left to run on the lease.

                      - Planning permission (if required) has been granted before an application is made.

  • Vehicles used for the organisation's main charitable activities.
  • Equipment used either to care for or train animals.
  • Vet bills.
  • Salaries of staff directly involved in the training of assistance animals, or directly involved in the provision of animal-based activities which benefit the organisation’s clientele. These must be new roles (not existing roles) and staff must be employed on a fixed-term basis.
  • The funding of relevant learning and development opportunities for staff and volunteers directly involved in the delivery of the charity’s main activities.
  • New initiatives directly involving pets and people.

Who can apply? Registered charities can apply.

Grant amount: Grants of £250 to £50,000 are available. Larger grants may also be considered depending on the project.

Multi-year funding applications, up to a three-year period, will be considered.

Application process: An online application form is available on the Pets at Home Foundation website.

Deadline:  There are no deadlines; it is a rolling grant programme and applications are considered three times a year.

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over £25,000
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