ASDA Foundation Launches Funding for Children and Young People Across UK

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Aims/priorities: The ASDA Foundation is offering grants of between £500 and £1,500 for not-for-profit community groups throughout the United Kingdom to support activities for children under 18 years old to improve their lives and the community.

Through the U18 Better Starts Grants scheme, a total of £500,000 has been made available to give children the best start in life by tackling poverty, enabling inclusion, and enhancing wellbeing.

Funding will support projects that fall within one or more of the following themes:

  • Supporting Essentials: activities that focus on the provision of healthy, nutritious food, plus hygiene and health-related supplies for children.
  • Being Active: physical activities that are inclusive for all children and embrace diversity.
  • Improving Wellbeing: projects that are inclusive for all children, are accessible to everyone, and embrace diversity.
  • Celebrating and Bringing Children Together: activities to bring children together to share experiences and encourage everyone to be together are supported.

Funding will cover costs associated with a broad range of activities that can contribute towards transforming the community and improving the lives of children in that community

Who can apply: 

  • Not-for-profit community groups in the UK are eligible to apply.
  • Organisations must have a presence in their local community and must demonstrate how the activity will benefit those under 18 years old.
  • Groups may apply for one grant per grant programme each year.

Grant amount: Between £500 and £1,500

Application process: Applications must be submitted to the local Community Champion by 15 April 2022 and activities must start or take place before 5 June 2022.

Applications should be submitted at least six weeks before the activity to give enough processing time.

The local Community Champion should be contacted to discuss the grant and to check eligibility. Submission forms are available from the Community Champion.

The following should be submitted with the completed application form:

  • Bank statement/paying in slip.
  • Group documents e.g. constitution, club rules, etc.
  • Digital signature declaration (if not providing a wet signature).
  • Ringfencing confirmation.
  • If the group is not a registered charity, confirmation of not-for-profit status is required.

Contact the Asda Foundation for further information.

Deadline: Friday 15th April

Contact information: Contact the Asda Foundation for further information.

Website: Foundation Grants | Asda Foundation


£1000.01 to £10,000
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Children and Young People
Health and Wellbeing
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Friday, 15 April, 2022