Youth Music Emergency Fund

Published date: 
Sunday, 3rd May 2020

Youth Music has announced a new Emergency Fund to offer additional support to music-making organisations affected by coronavirus. Through this fund Youth Music will aim to prioritise the people and organisations in the most immediate need, and to make quick decisions and payments. The Emergency Fund is designed to support organisations facing the following challenges:

  • Cashflow – organisations are seeing threats to their income, in particular from charged-for services and from contracts. This has significant implications for honouring employment and freelance contracts and core ongoing costs. At the time of writing there is still a lack of clarity about eligibility of government support measures and when any funding might be released.
  • Maintaining services – there are/will be challenges in continuing to deliver core services through staff or volunteer absence, social distancing measures, increased childcare responsibilities, venues being closed etc.
  • Adapting services – delivering services in new ways, which can be more expensive, have high set-up costs (e.g. IT infrastructure, buying tech or instruments for tutors and young people) or require new policies or expertise.
  • Children and young people – the impact of the situation on children and young people’s mental and physical health; the negative implications for some vulnerable children of being out of school; keeping in contact now that the normal music sessions have ceased; engaging young people in new forms of learning; reaching children beyond digital access (e.g. disabled young people; those who don’t have devices or an internet connection).      

The fund is open to music making organisations  and grants of up to £10,000 are available.

For more information all 020 7902 1060 email 

To apply click here