Speaking Volumes - Grants for Christian Books in the Community

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Aims/priorities: the advancement of the Christian religion and of the Christian injunctions by the issue of literature, including books and the promotion of existing books.

Who can apply? Any local group or organisation that wishes to place Christian books and DVDs in community places such as public libraries, schools, hospitals, hospices, prisons or churches in the UK or abroad (as long as the applicant pays the postage). Individuals may also apply.

Applicants may apply for more than one library at a time

Grant amount: 

  • Prison, public library - £500.
  • Secondary school, FE college - £300.
  • Primary school, foreign - £250.
  • Hospice, care home - £200.
  • Pre-school, church - £100.
  • Other - discretionary.

Application process: Applications must be made online on the Speaking Volumes website.

Applicants pre-select books and complete the application form and then wait to hear from the Trust.

Successful applicants can then obtain their books and DVDs from their nearest Christian bookshop (a link is provided on the Speaking Volumes website). No money is required, as the bookshops will directly invoice the Trust.

Afterwards, the grant recipient should send evidence of the books being used (either photo or a letter of acknowledgement). They will also be required to respond to a survey that will be sent a year later.

Deadline: Saturday 30 April

Contact Information

Christian Book Promotion Trust
1 Bar Lane Cottages
Newton Road
CB22 4PE
Tel: 07914 301481
Email: info@speakingvolumes.org.uk

Website addresshttps://www.speakingvolumes.org.uk/

up to £1000
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