Relax With Lucy & Co

Published date: 
Tuesday, 19th July 2022

Relax With Lucy & Co was set up to offer well-being and mental health support through the provision of mindfulness & relaxation interventions. The organisation was set up by our founder Lucy Livesey - mental health nurse and bereaved mother following the loss of her daughter Ellie in 2017.

Lucy and their team of instructors deliver projects to help support the baby loss community through the development of mindfulness & relaxation resources. They offer both well-being baby loss tailored support in addition to general well-being support to help people improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

All proceeds raised, goes into our Ellie's Gift Project fund which funds all their baby loss interventions and the ongoing maintenance of Ellie's Gift app.

Ellie’s Gift App - Baby Loss Support App - The Ellie’s Gift app was set up to support families through baby loss and beyond. Relax With Lucy & Co are proud to say that their app is being piloted at our local hospital Trust within the NHS. The app is in the process of re-launching very soon, please watch this space.

Ellie’s Training & Development - Relax With Lucy & Co offer Mental Health First Aid Training to companies across the UK using the proceeds from their training to help fund their ongoing programme of baby loss support. Training is delivered by Lucy Livesey, Mental Health Nurse & Mental Health Specialist. The Mental Health First Aid Two Day Course teaches people to recognise the signs that someone may need support with their mental health and offer help on a first aid basis. Upon completing the course, students will become certified Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace and can help colleagues with a mental health issue receive the support they need to recover or manage their symptoms. Both public courses and workplace training are available.

For more information about training please contact Relax With Lucy & Co. 

Ellie’s Events - Relax with Lucy & Co offer classes, courses, workshops & day retreats - all of their events are usually free to attend however they sometimes ask for a donation which goes into the Ellie’s Gift fund to raise funds towards marketing and resource development fees.

Relax with Lucy & Co are currently offering the following course;

8 Week Mindfulness in Grief Course - Mindfulness courses are delivered by Lucy Livesey, Mental Health Nurse & Recognised Mindfulness teacher. This course has been adapted from the Breathworks Mindfulness model of support and has been shaped to meet the needs of the baby loss community.

To find out more & to book your place please contact Relax With Lucy & Co.

Ellie’s Community - Weekly Mindfulness Baby Loss Sharing Circles - these are held every wednesday evening from 7.30pm until 8.30pm over zoom. Relax With Lucy & Co's baby loss mindfulness sharing circles are an opportunity for baby loss parents to come together in a safe space to bring a kind awareness to thoughts and emotions as they navigate their way forward following baby loss.

Please contact Relax With Lucy & Co to find out more and to access the zoom link.

Ellie’s Outreach - Relax With Lucy & Co's volunteer outreach programme is due to launch soon and they are currently looking for volunteers to join our team.

To express your interest and find out more contact Relax With Lucy & Co.