Oldham Safeguarding Children Partnership E-Learning Offer

Published date: 
Wednesday, 11th March 2020

Oldham safeguarding children partnerships training offer will complement and enhance existing staff knowledge and skills. Before staff complete any partnership training, they must access the free e-learning module provided. The module is designed to help staff recognise and respond to possible signs of abuse or neglect. It is important for anyone working with or who may come into contact with children. The module takes around 60 minutes to complete and must be completed in one sitting, once completed a downloadable certificate is provided.

This module has been created by the Training Sub-Group and qualifies as Level 1 Foundation training. Single agencies are responsible for collecting their own data regarding staff completion.

Learning outcomes - The module will:

• Introduce you to Oldham’s local priorities.

• Help you understand the different ways in which children and young people can be harmed.

• Help you to recognise possible indictors of child abuse.

• Inform you of how to respond to concerns.

email development@actiontogether.org.uk to access the Oldham Safeguarding Children Partnership E-Learning Offer

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