Oldham Kooth Engagement Offer 2021 - 2022

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Published date: 
Wednesday, 12th January 2022

Kooth.com is a free, safe and anonymous site that offers confidential support to young people via community spaces, self help tools and access to online counselling.

Kooth is available for age ranges 11-25 and is commissioned by NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group. Everything available to post-primary school education settings, services and organisations from their Engagement Offer are entirely free to access.

The Core Offer is available all year round in Oldham. These sessions can either be delivered virtually or face to face. For any face to face work, they will require a Covid risk assessment completing in advance of any on-site visit. Please note: their Enrichment Offer is available only after delivery of Core Offer sessions.

To book any sessions or to discuss any questions that you may have, please email your local Kooth Engagement Lead (KEL) at omurphy@kooth.com. Primary Schools can access a separate Engagement Offer specific to Year 6 staff. Please contact your local Kooth Engagement Lead for details.

Kooth Engagement Leads are responsible for promoting awareness of the Kooth service in their local communities. They can support you either by delivering any of the sessions listed below, or providing the latest Kooth information, materials and resources.

Core Offer - Available to post-primary education settings, organisations and services all year round

Session Title Session Description Who it is suitable for Duration
Kooth Introductory Presentation A brief introduction to Kooth.com. Here we show young people the range of support features available on Kooth, including how to sign up and access counselling support. Young People 10 - 20 mins
Kooth Staff Training Session Offers staff teams a comprehensive overview of the Kooth service, to aid signposting of young people to Kooth. This session includes a live site tour, safeguarding information and a Q&A. Professionals working to support Young People 45 - 60 mins
Parent/ Carer Discover Kooth Session Provides support tips for parents/carers and an insight to what Kooth can offer their young people. This bespoke session can be arranged through parenting groups, local services and schools. Parents / Carers 45 - 60 mins
LGBTQ+ Workshop This session covers what different terms mean under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, potential impacts on this community’s wellbeing, and tips to better support the welfare of LGBTQ+ young people. Professionals ___________ Young People 45 - 60 mins
Stress and Anxiety Workshop

The session introduces the concepts of general stress and anxiety to young people. It encourages discussion around these points and offers support and resources on how to identify and manage both stress and anxiety.

This can be tailored to cover exam stress.

Young People 45 - 60 mins
Wellbeing Workshop This session highlights key wellbeing themes and provides interactive activities for young people to get involved with. Requires paper and pens. Young People 45 - 60 mins
Writing Workshop This is an interactive session involving group discussions on the relationships between wellbeing and self care, followed by a main creative writing activity. Requires paper and pens. This session can be tailored for young carers. Young People. Smaller groups are most suitable 45 - 60 mins
Male targeted Mental Health Workshop This is an interactive and discussion based session exploring male mental health, the stigma attached to it and inspirational male figures who spoke out. Young Males 45 - 60 mins
Peer Support & Self Care Workshop This interactive session focuses its first half on how we can better support our peers, empathy skills and helpful language we can use. The second half is an exploration of self care tips Young People 45 - 60 mins
Kooth Sign-Up Session An opportunity for young people to experience the Kooth site with a Kooth Engagement Lead guiding them through the sign up process. For this session young people will need access to a device. Young People 30 - 60 mins
Kooth Champions Scheme The Kooth Champions Scheme is a great way to embed Kooth awareness in an education setting and build your young people’s skill sets. To hear more details, contact your local Engagement Lead. Young People Academic Year

If there’s anything of interest to you on here, please get in touch with your local Engagement Lead to discuss