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Miles of Smiles

Can you become a Miles of Smiles volunteer driver?

Miles of Smiles is a community transport scheme operating for use by residents of Tameside where volunteer drivers use their own cars and the Miles of Smiles wheelchair accessible vehicle to take people to and from health and wellbeing appointments. Drivers are not paid for their time but there is a charge to cover running costs. This charge is paid direct to the driver and should not include tips.

Established in 2006, Miles of Smiles aims to reduce the number of missed appointments by meeting the gap in services for patients that are ineligible for the ambulance service, and have difficulty in using public transport. Miles of Smiles offers a flexible and supportive solution through the use of volunteer drivers.

The scheme is unique in Tameside as it provides a door to door service ensuring that passengers arrive on time with minimum stress and anxiety. A befriending service is offered as an integral part of the service and allows passengers the opportunity to share their concerns about the appointment. Volunteers will offer to wait with the passenger to offer emotional support.

Who can use the scheme?

Anyone who, due to illness, age or disability, is unable to use public transport such as buses or trains to get about and do not have their own transport.

Where do passengers go?

Medical appointments including hospital, doctor, opitician, dentist, clinics, physiotherapy and chiropodist. In most cases, we ask that Miles of Smiles volunteer drivers wait with the passenger while they attend their appointment, and take them home when they are ready to leave, unless they are being admitted or the appointment will take several hours. 

The benefits of becoming a Miles of Smiles volunteer driver:

  • Expenses to contribute to motoring expenses
  • Keep active, both physically and mentally
  • Meet new people
  • Feel good factor
  • Opportunity to engage in the local community

What support do Miles of Smiles volunteer drivers receive:

  • Miles of Smiles car scheme administrator is available 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (4pm on Friday) to answer any questions or concerns you may have
  • We ask members to give at least a weeks' notice before a journey to give volunteer drivers as much notice as possible of the schedule of appointments

For further information on Miles of Smiles or to become a volunteer driver:

Contact: Patricia Morris Tel: 0161 339 2345; Email: patricia.morris@actiontogether.org.uk

Click here for further information on becoming a Miles of Smiles member.