Helping children understand the war/address worries

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Published date: 
Thursday, 17th March 2022

From speaking to groups of young people, they are clearly finding it all the harder to accept reassurances/support being offered with this coming straight after the pandemic which turned out to be something much more than first envisaged.

The information has come from various sources. Educational Psychology Teams (thanks Cathy O’Connor)  Youth services (thanks Seline Wakerley) and Wirral Council.

Sharing these different documents and links available below in the hope we can help offer support across the different age ranges of our children & young people when talking about the terrible situation in Ukraine.

Guidelines for School Staff and Parents on Helping Children Deal with Fears and Anxiety about War and Terrorism

How to talk to children about Russia invading Ukraine in an honest but reassuring way

How to Talk to Kids about What is Happening in Ukraine

How to talk about Ukraine with children - Save the Children

Talking To Children About Terrorism and War

Support to explain the difficult concepts associated with the conflict – news delivery designed for children and young people and provided by Newsround

Advice for children and young people if they are upset by the news – provided by Newsround

A delicate balance’: experts’ tips on dealing with Ukraine anxiety in children | Children | The Guardian

Help for teachers and families to talk to pupils about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how to help them avoid misinformation.


How to talk with students with Russia - Ukarine War 5 tips

Talking to children about war - Pointers for parents

Advice if you're upset by the news - CBBC Newsround