Could Your Group Reuse and Repurpose Testing Booths?

Photo of Covid Testing booths
Published date: 
Wednesday, 20th July 2022

Tameside Council have 30+ testing booths which were previously used at Tameside COVID testing sites. They have been cleaned down and have not been used since July 2021, so there will be no risk of COVID from the booths. The Council want to donate the booths to groups to recycle/re-use.

They are light weight and fit together by interlocking therefore, do not need screws or nails. They are light weight, but a van would be needed for transporting them.

Feel free to use your imagination on what you could use them for e.g. you may wish to use them for gardening projects, allotments, arts and crafts, building structures, making models etc.

For more information, please contact as soon as possible.