BlueSpark Foundation

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Published date: 
Sunday, 28th June 2020

Aims/priorities: The BlueSpark Foundation’s objective is to fund or part-fund projects that aim to improve the education and development of children and young people by means of educational, cultural, sporting or other activities.  The funding is intended to support projects that have the following objectives:

  • Encouraging independence
  • Developing team working skills
  • Developing self confidence
  • Promoting creativity and individuality
  • Encouraging aspiration
  • Enhancing educational achievement
  • Widening educational horizons

The funding is for relatively small-scale projects, which might not happen at all or would only happen on a lesser scale without the support of BlueSpark. 

Who can apply? Schools, community groups, clubs, societies and other not-for-profit organisations based and working in England can apply, as can individuals.

Grant amount: Maximum amount up to £5,000.

Application process: An online application form on the Foundation’s website.

Deadline: Applications will be accepted at any time.

Contact information: Email: