Tameside & Glossop VCFSE Emergency Investment Fund 2021

**A Meet the Funder webinar will be held where more information will be shared about the funds and its eligibility criteria on Friday 16 July, at 10am - 11am. To book your place onto the webinar please click here**

Aims/priorities: Our local VCFSE sector ‘stepped up’ and has kept going throughout the pandemic to support the most marginalised in our communities, from new mutual aid groups to established organisations and the hundreds of volunteers who have supported our responses. One group of VCFSE organisations has been particularly key throughout the pandemic, we call these Community Anchor Organisations. We conducted research with 34 of these groups to review their current situation and their future sustainability. Many have been forced to reduce their activities and some are at risk of folding. You can find this report here.

As a result, we have agreed with local budget holders to support a finite number of these groups with the following crisis support fund. We are working with local system leaders to look at developing an approach to longer term investment and support for the VCFSE in Tameside and Glossop. This fund is to be spent on sustaining core activities. This can include all the costs associated with running your organisation, staffing, HR, rent and insurance etc, whatever will put your organisation back on an even keel. This grant CANNOT be held as reserves, it must be spent within a clear timeframe, and not held over multiple years.

Grant recipients must agree to work with Action together to develop a business plan and must release capacity at a high level to do this work. All elements of this work will be agreed with the group and tailored to your needs.

Who can apply? VCFSE anchor organisations in Tameside and Glossop who have been particularly key throughout the pandemic. These independent community led organisations are generally defined as delivering multiple services or activities with and on behalf of local people within:

  • A defined locality – place, (usually neighbourhood level)
  • A specialist area of expertise and/or
  • Represent a particular community of identity.

These anchors are rooted in the local area and have been there for years. In Tameside and Glossop they are usually small organisations that employ staff and work with volunteers from their local community to deliver their activities and run their organisation.   

We expect a high volume of applications for this grant, and difficult decisions will have to be made. Groups that apply must be able to demonstrate:

  • They are genuine community anchor organisations rooted in Tameside (see definition above).
  • They are financially vulnerable in the next 6-12months.
  • Their dissolution/reduction in activities would have a detrimental effect on the communities they serve.
  • They are willing and able to engage in a development package to help with their sustainability.

Grant amount: This funding is one off, ‘non-recurrent’ emergency investment of up to £50,000 to be spent within an agreed timescale. This fund is finite, please only apply if you need to and for what you need.

Application process: You can find the Guidance Notes and Application Form here. However prior to completing an application form we expect you to contact Roma Hashim on the below contact details to discuss your eligibility. Roma will set up a meeting with you to discuss your application. Based on this discussion we will advise you about your eligibility.

Deadline: The deadline for applications is Sunday 1 August 21 (23:59). Notification of decisions will be made by 31 August 21.

Contact information: Email roma.hashim@actiontogether.org.uk Tel: 0161 339 2345

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Sunday, 1 August, 2021