Home Fire Safety Assessments from Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service

Greater Manchester Fire Service conducting in-home safety check
Published date: 
Friday, 29th July 2022

You can get personalised advice to keep your home safe from fire by using an Online Home Fire Safety Check tool. This can be accessed on the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) website, and you can complete an Online Home Fire Safety Check to help identify fire hazards in your home and get advice on simple changes that can reduce the risk of a fire. The free online check takes up to 15 minute to complete.

If you would like a free, face-to-face Home Fire Safety Assessment, delivered by trained GMFRS staff, complete the online check to find out if you are eligible. If you are eligible, you will be presented with an online referral form for completing and submitting to GMFRS’ Contact Centre, who will then be in touch to arrange the visit. If you do not have online access, you can telephone GMFRS’ Contact Centre on 0800 555 815 to find out if you are eligible for a Home Fire Safety Assessment.

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