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Published date: 
Monday, 9th November 2020

Action Together is a committed partner of GM Moving and support the statement released by them (published below).

If your voluntary, community, faith or social enterprise (VCFSE) group or organisation needs support, help or advice during this time our development team are here to help, please do not hesitate to get in touch Email: or Tel: 0161 339 2345.

GM Moving Statement

Partners across the system in Greater Manchester (GM) are committed to playing their part in supporting the Covid-19 response, and at the same time, to keep working together to Keep GM Moving during this challenging period. We know that keeping GM people and communities moving is critical throughout the pandemic, and will work with national and local organisations to best support active lives.

As we seek to balance Covid-19 risk, population health and economic needs, we will follow the principles set out by the Association of Directors of Public Health.

This is about more than just us, this is about all of us coming together for Greater Manchester. We would encourage you to share this with your networks and join us as we work to Keep GM Moving.

We would encourage all members of the Greater Manchester community to continue to follow government guidelines, including while keeping active, to ensure we return to normal as soon as possible and to help save lives.

As a system, we will;

  • Recognise and champion the critical role of moving, physical activity and sport in our post-Covid recovery, in particular in tackling the health inequalities Covid-19 has exposed
  • Work together to champion the importance of active lives for people across the life course; for short and long term physical and mental wellbeing, healthier, happier people, stronger communities
  • Support our people and communities to find ways to be active within the guidelines and different stages of lockdown; including keeping active at home, outdoors and indoors when the guidance allows for it again. See here for latest information
  • Continue to advocate for a more substantial, financial support package for the physical activity and sport sector, VCSE sector and wider system that supports active lives, recognizing the crucial role different parts of the system play in active lives and population health.
  • Work with positivity and optimism, despite the challenges, sharing ideas and good practice as we continually adapt and develop creative responses to support our people and communities to become and remain active.
  • Work together to respond to changing legislation and guidance to best support our people and communities to live active lives, with particular focus on those most affected.


  • Take a proportionate universalism approach, maintaining universal support but channelling our resources in a targeted way to those who need it most; the least active demographic groups and communities and those most impacted by Covid-19.
  • Take a whole system approach; recognising and harnessing the contributions of partners across health, education, physical activity, sport, transport and beyond.
  • Take an evidence-based, insight led approach, learning all the time and sharing what works best to support our communities.
  • Seek to understand how the pandemic is influencing attitudes and behaviours and how capability, opportunity and motivation are impacted by changing guidance and restrictions.

As individuals and organisations, we will;

  • Work collaboratively as a team.
  • Recognise diversity of experience, challenge and perspective as we work together towards a shared goal of an active, happy and healthy population across the life course.
  • Demonstrate tenacity and resilience when things are difficult. Share challenges openly and work together to find solutions.
  • Support and care for each other through a challenging time, recognising the differential demands it places on individual leaders, organisations and parts of the system at any given moment.