Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust - Peace and Security Programme

Aims/priorities: The Fund aims to support a transition towards:

  • The use of 'soft', rather than 'hard' power as a first line of response to conflict within society and around the world.
  • The de-legitimisation of violence as a tool for responding to conflict, securing interests or projecting power.
  • A culture of human rights and non-violent problem-solving, promoted at all levels of society.

Funding is available for charitable work in the following areas:

Challenging militarism - the Trust is interested in funding work which:

  • Highlights and holds the UK government to account for the human, economic, environmental and security costs of militarised responses to conflict.
  • Scrutinises and challenges the use of new technology for warfare.
  • Exposes and challenges the economic drivers of war, especially the arms trade highlights and challenges the culture and values of militarism in the UK.
  • Highlights and challenges the culture and values of militarism in the UK.
  • Promotes conscientious objection to military service as a globally recognised and applied human right.

Scrutiny of counter-terrorism measures in the context of human rights and peacebuilding - the Trust is interested in funding work which:

  • Promotes greater transparency and accountability in relation to government counter-terrorism policy.
  • Challenges state abuses of power in relation to counter-terrorism.
  • Advocates policy responses to the use of terror tactics which address their underlying causes.
  • Challenges the use of counter-terrorism policies which foment conflict or undermine opportunities to build peace.

Building support for alternative approaches to defence and security - the Trust is interested in funding work which:

  • Articulates and builds support for models of defence and security which address the root causes of conflict and injustice, and which are based on non-violence, dialogue and mediation, human rights and environmental sustainability.
  • Addresses the risks of nuclear weapons and articulates options for non-nuclear security.
  • Offers ideas and action on the re-shaping of violent masculinities which underpin the military system.
  • Promotes the understanding and effective practice of non-violence in social change.

Responding to the dual harms of COVID-19 and systemic racism - At this time of crisis, JRCT is keen to support work that responds to the dual harms of the COVID-19 pandemic and systemic racism. Specifically, JRCT wish to encourage work that scrutinises the responses and policies of powerful institutions and actors, and which envisions and builds support for transformative social change based on justice, peace and sustainability, including work which:

  • Scrutinises and holds the government to account for the short, medium, and long-term consequences of its security and counter-terrorism policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Explores the consequences of UK government's security and counter-terrorism responses to the COVID-19 pandemic on people and communities of colour.
  • Enables the development of alternatives to securitised responses to COVID-19 in particular from the perspectives of people and communities of colour and/or through the lens of systemic racism.

Who can apply? Grants are made to a range of organisations and to individuals. It is not necessary to be a registered charity to apply to the Trust, however, the Trust can only support work which is legally charitable as defined in UK law. Organisations and individuals should be undertaking work at a national level. This means work that seeks to make positive change across the UK as a whole, or across one or more of its member countries - England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Grant amount: No minimum or maximum amount of grant is specified.

Application process: After reading the guidelines, applicants are advised to contact the Trust office by email or telephone to discuss their application. This should be done well before the deadline for applications. The Trust only accepts applications online via its grants management system available on the Trust's website.

Deadline: 5pm on 29 November 2021

Contact information: Tel 01904 627810 or Email

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