• Dinner time and after school club

    Lunchtime Clubs Cromwell High School offers clubs each lunchtime. These currently include ICT, Art, Sports, Story, Dance and Gardening. Pupils are asked to express their preferences at the beginning of each term - with staff advocacy as necessary - and where a club is oversubscribed, pupils will take turns. School also reserves the right to ensure that the mix of pupil needs and personalities maximise everyone's enjoyment of the clubs on an equal opportunities basis. After School Clubs Currently our After School Clubs are: Monday: Gym Club and Dance Club Tuesday: Sports Club* Thursday: Singing Club and Rebound Therapy Club* The key criteria for all our clubs is that pupils enjoy them - given reasonable adjustments to meet individual needs - and are there on a voluntary basis. It is also essential that parents are able to arrange for their child to be picked up on time by a responsible adult notified to school. Where there is oversubscription, we seek to ensure that there is a fair rotation of pupils attending. Unfortunately neither Cromwell nor Tameside Council are able to provide transport home from After School Clubs. * these clubs are run by Tameside Sports Development through their 'Tameside Titans' initiative. Tameside Sports Development also offer clubs for pupils with Disabilities separately from those done with school. To find details of these opportunities, click here and use the 'Timetable' tab and then use the 'Activity' drop-down menu to select 'Disability'.

    Contact for further details: Kelly Wray
    Contact phone number: 0161 338 9730

    Day: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    Time: Dinner time and after school
    Frequency: Weekly
    Cost: Free

    Professional Referral: No
    Self Referral:
    Accessible for disabled people: Yes
    Accessible for people with language needs: Yes

    About the host organisation

    Hosted by: Team Cromwell
    Organisation Profile:

    Cromwell has an excellent PTA called Team Cromwell. Each year, they organise a Christmas Fair and a Summer event - a fair or, this year, a car boot sale. Please contact the school office with any offers of help, donations or to become involved in the organisational side.

    Team Cromwell use the funds it raises to buy additional equipment for school and treats for pupils for special events in school. They also have a School Minibus fund to support the renewal of this vital part of our curriculum.

    Charity Number: 1018132