• Statutory Advocacy under the Mental Heath Act, the Care Act, the Mental Capacity Act and NHS Complaints Advocacy

    Advocates provide representation and uphold the rights of vulnerable individuals going through the process of a Care Review, Safeguarding, Care or Carers Assessment and Child in Transition to Adult Care Service under the Care Act. For individuals who are assessed to lack capacity and have no-one who can be consulted for a long term change of accommodation or Serious Medical Treatment decision under the Mental Capacity Act. Support with tribunals/appeals where individuals are on a section 2, 3 or CTO under the Mental Health Act. And Independent Complaints Advocates support individuals through the process of making a complaint about any NHS service under NHS Complaints.

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    Hosted by: Rochdale Advocacy Together Hub
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    Advocacy Together Hub Rochdale brings together all advocacy services in Rochdale and provides a single point of referral. Our phone line and email will be answered by a duty advocate who will be able to provide information and guidance about all advocacy services and who can access them. If you think you or someone you are supporting may need advocacy support, please contact our local team and we will be happy to help.

    Charity Number: 211091