Be part of the Tameside Community Wellbeing Investment Programme and have your say!

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Published date: 
Tuesday, 23rd November 2021

We are excited to announce that we have launched our new Tameside Community Wellbeing Investment Programme. It will aim to sustain or improve the wellbeing offer for the local community and the most vulnerable, and tackle poverty and equalities in neighbourhoods across Tameside. The VCFSE organisations and local partners in Tameside have identified some of the issues and gaps within local communities which have only increased owing to the pandemic, thus the focus will also be on addressing those emerging themes.

We are looking for local members for our panels to help us to make decisions about which applications should be funded in your neighbourhood. We are looking for community representatives to bring their skills, expertise and insight from their communities to the decision-making process to ensure that a fair and balanced approach is adopted. Due diligence will be carried out centrally by Action Together, who will also recommend applications but will not be involved in making overall decisions.

Applications and scoring/comments sheets will be sent to you, and feedback requested by e-mail. If needed, we will also hold a panel meeting (via Zoom) for those applications that require further discussion. You will be provided with Panel Member resources and Fact Sheets as well as a Code of Conduct Agreement for the first panel meeting with full training to follow in the new year. There will be opportunities for you to meet with other panel members and members of Action Together (via Zoom) to discuss any aspect of the process in more detail.

Please contact Roma Hashim if you are interested or would like further information: Email or call 0161 3392345.