The A B Charitable Trust

Aims/priorities: The funders support work that promotes human dignity and defends the human rights of marginalised and excluded people. They fund small to medium sized charities who work in three priority areas: 

  • MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES - Charities offer a range of interventions to support people who are migrants, refugees and seeking asylum, while operating in a difficult context. They recognise these challenges, and support charities who are working to respond to immediate needs within communities, as well as those working towards a consistent and fair policy environment. 
  • CRIMINAL JUSTICE AND PENAL REFORM - They support charities that work with people at any stage of the criminal justice system, that support individuals to resettle successfully in the community, and charities that work to address disproportionality and promote a fair and just system. 
  • HUMAN RIGHTS, PARTICULARLY ACCESS TO JUSTICE - They support charities that increase access to justice through provision of specialist legal advice and representation. They sometimes fund charities that are not specifically about legal advice but are concerned with the principles of human rights and the rule of law.

Who can apply? Small to medium sized charities. Most of their funding goes to charities with a turnover of between £150,000 and £1.5 million.

Grant amount: Open programme grants are usually between £10,000 to £20,000 and awarded annually.

Application process: Applications are made through an online form and you can download a PDF to view the questions in advance of submitting your application.

Deadline: Application deadlines for 2021/22:

  • 31st July 2021 (Decisions in October 2021)
  • 31st October 2021 (Decisions in January 2022)
  • 30th January 2022 (Decisions in April 2022)
  • 30th April 2022 (Decisions in July 2022)

Contact information: Tel - 020 7243 9486, Email -

Website address: The AB Charitable Trust

£10,000.01 to £25,000
Partnerships and Consortiums
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