RBH Community Grants


Deliver outcomes in one or more of the following areas of benefit:

  • Work and Skills - help people to access employment opportunities and update their skills. E.g. weekly Job Club.
  • Digital Inclusion - help people access and use digital technology. 
  • Financial Inclusion - help people to manage their money and make it go further. E.g. Pantry project or debt advice sessions.
  • Health & Wellbeing - help increase peoples’ health and wellbeing. E.g.  Keep fit class, walking club, gardening club, health drop in sessions.
  • Lessening social isolation. E.g. a mums and tots club, a luncheon club for older people, or a gardening club.
  • Providing activities for children and young people. E.g. sport or homework clubs.
  • Improving or developing a green space in your neighbourhood.
  • Promoting mutuality across neighbourhoods - projects that bring different neighbourhoods and communities together in promoting RBH’s Mutual values.

Your project must:

  • Meet all current government guidelines around Covid-19
  • Be based entirely in Rochdale Borough: Rochdale, Middleton, Heywood, Milnrow and Littleborough
  • Clearly demonstrate a benefit to RBH customers and/or communities. Please visit https://www.rbh.org.uk/your-neighbourhood/  for information about RBH Neighbourhoods. (Priority may be given to projects which address one or more neighbourhood priority as identified on RBH’s neighbourhood action plans)
  • Be completed (including all monitoring information requested by RBH) within 2 years of receipt of your grant
  • Not have already started

Who can apply?

Your group must:

  • Be an unincorporated association (community group), registered charity or CIC (Community Interest Company) with a turnover of less than £150,000 in the previous financial year
  • Ensure that there is at least a 12 month gap since the completion of any previous RBH Community Funded project run by your group
  • Have a bank account open in the name of the group
  • Keep up to date financial records
  • Be willing to provide monitoring information on your project, including copies of receipts for all goods and services bought with the funding


RBH Community grants are between £250 up to a maximum of £5000.

Applicants are limited to one project grant in any financial year (1st April to 31st March).

How to apply: 

If you would like to discuss your project idea, please contact the Community Investment Team on 01706 273977 or email us on: communitypartnership@rbh.org.uk

The online application form can be accessed at: www.rbh.org.uk/communityfundingform

To read the Guidance Notes, please click here.

If you have completed a paper version of the application form, please return it to:

RBH Community Investment Team
The Strand Hub,
17 The Strand,
OL11 2JG     


The Members’ Community Funding Panel will meet on the following dates to consider applications:

  • 28th April 2021 – the deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 5th April
  • 28th July 2021 – the deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 5th July
  • 27th October 2021 – the deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 4th October
  • 26th January 2022 – the deadline for applications is 5pm on Tuesday 4th January
£1000.01 to £10,000
Constituted Group
Registered Charity
Unconstituted Group
Funding Theme: 
Covid 19
Children and Young People
Health and Wellbeing
Older People
Unpublish Date: 
Tuesday, 4 January, 2022