Break4change programme

Published date: 
Wednesday, 11th March 2020

Based on national and international research, Rochdale now delivers a group intervention programme; Break4Change (B4C).

B4C is an adolescent family violence intervention programme designed to address young people’s violence and abuse towards parents/carers. The aim of B4C is for young people to stop the violence and abuse toward their family and develop respectful family relationships so that all members feel safe at home.

It is a skills-based, restorative practice group intervention for young people and their parents/carers focusing on non-violence and mutual respect between family members. The B4C model uses parallel groups for young people and parents/carers

•  Young people’s group – provides educational and therapeutic sessions together with a creative aspect so that each young person is able to revisit and process their learning from the sessions enabling quiet reflection

•  Parent’s group – allows them to explore their approaches to parenting, understand the scale of the abuse and the effects, facilitates peer support and a chance to share experiences with other parents who often report feeling isolated prior to support

•  The programme uses a filming element to enable a unique, restorative filmed dialogue between young person and parent within the group setting. This is a powerful element of the process and gives both the opportunity to say how  they feel and what they want to change without being interrupted or challenged.


The Break4Change 10 week programme is currently offered twice a year starting in April and October.

The programmes are currently being run from a venue in central Rochdale. The programme runs on a Thursday evening 6-8pm for a period of 10 weeks.

The parents/carers sessions and young peoples’ sessions are run separately but parallel to each other with families joining together in a group celebration event on week 10 of the programme.

Assessments are undertaken with the young person and parents/carers prior to starting the programme looking at the level of violence and/or abuse, family relationships, support already in place and any barriers to attending. 

Families are offered individual and group support in the 12 months following the programme.   

How do I refer? Referrals to Break4Change can be made within the 8 week period prior to a programme starting by completing the Break4Change referral form and sending through to

Contact will be made with the referrer to discuss the family relationship and suitability for the programme. A joint visit takes place with a B4C programme facilitator. More information For more information about CPVA and the Break4Change programme Contact Dee Alletson Relationships Team, Children’s Services, 01706 924691