Tameside Befriending Week- 24-28 January 2022

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Published date: 
Wednesday, 12th January 2022

This inaugural Tameside Befriending Week (TBW) will call for and give focus to activities and events which support the wellbeing of the local community and raise awareness of social isolation, vulnerability and loneliness in the community.

The events of the last two years have fractured and splintered families and friendships, and we want TBW to be a catalyst for the wider community to help heal itself. Mossley based GW Theatre are leading the project with support from the TMBC Winter Pressures Fund. There will be some targeted and exciting work taking place online and in schools and care homes to develop social activity.

But at the core of TBW will be The Act of Kindness Appeal, which will invite people all over Tameside to get involved in something ambitious and ground-breaking that will only cost them a simple human Act of Kindness.

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