The Salvation Army achieve Quality in Action Award

Published date: 
Thursday, 8th February 2024

We would like to say a huge congratulations to our member organisation, The Salvation Army (Fitton Hill), who have successfully achieved Action Together's Quality in Action Award!

The Quality in Action Award is a recognised framework for voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) organisations working across Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside to prove their impact. The award is an independent, local seal of approval which publicly demonstrates commitment to safeguarding, quality assurance and continuous improvement.

The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian church. Their mission is based on their faith in Jesus Christ who wants everyone to experience life in all its fullness. The Salvation Army put their faith into action by offering practical help for people without discrimination, sharing good news, seeking justice and reconciliation, caring for creation and nurturing disciples of Jesus. The services offered are diverse and responsive to the realities of life in the communities they serve.

Kim Rogers, Community Engagement Coordinator at the Salvation Army, shared what achieving the Quality in Action Award means to them...

I am really proud of the team working hard to gain this award and thankful of Nayan at Action Together who has supported us all the way. It has been a great journey in achieving this as we have involved the volunteers and team in what is needed for this award.

This will really help our organisation as we now have everything in one place when looking for funding or taking on new volunteers, it has made us stronger as an organisation and stronger in our plans to support our community in the future. 

It may seem overwhelming at first with it being a long list, but it is valuable to any organisation to gain this award and action together will support you all the way.

Thanks to Graham and Estelle who were able to reach out to HR and look through the many policies of The Salvation Army to support with this award, massive thanks to the team at The Salvation Army Fitton Hill for supporting the vital work that we do on Fitton Hill. 

How can my organisation apply for the Quality in Action Award?

You'll work alongside one of our dedicated Development Officers to meet criteria that ensures your organisation has the right things in place, with practical advice, resources and support to help you develop the policies and procedures that are right for you. The QiAA is free and open to groups of any size. By achieving the award you'll be able to demonstrate to local commissioners, funders, beneficiaries and other stakeholders that you are delivering quality activities and services.

If you would like more information on the Quality in Action Award and how you could work towards achieving it, please contact us:  Tel: 0161 339 2345  Email:

Or alternatively, take a look at our #WednesdaysWeekly information session which explains the award in more detail: