Rochdale Borough Climate Change Fund

In July 2019, Rochdale Borough Council declared a Climate Emergency. Climate change affects weather and can cause severe weather events. For Rochdale borough, climate change means more periods of water shortages and more frequent and intense storms increasing flooding events. In March 2022, Rochdale Borough Council published its Climate Change Strategy and Delivery Plan. The plan identifies the urgent action needed to achieve environmental sustainability.

Action Together’s Climate Change Fund is a small grants programme to enable and empower VCFSE groups and organisations to take action to tackle climate change and promote sustainable approaches.


The priorities of the Climate Change fund aligns with the goals set out in the Rochdale Borough Council Climate Change Strategy and Delivery Plan. Each priority includes examples of relevant activity.

1. No Poverty: Build the resilience of those most vulnerable to climate-related events

2. Zero Hunger: Support sustainable food production and practices that can withstand climate change

3. Good Health & Wellbeing: Relieve the burden of climate related illness and disease

4. Quality Education: Build knowledge and skills in sustainability

5. Gender Equality: Empower women and girls to support economic growth and development

6. Clean water and sanitation: Manage demand for water and threats to water security resulting from climate change

7. Affordable and clean energy: Reduce use of fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment

8. Decent work and Economic Growth: Support clean and green economic growth

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: Reduce the intensity of carbon emissions from the industry sector

10. Reduced Inequalities: Advance equal opportunity and reduce inequalities of outcomes in addressing climate change

11. Sustainable cities and communities: Make urban areas cleaner, greener and with climate responsive infrastructure

12. Responsible consumption and production: Protect the loss of scarce resources through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse

13. Climate Action: Raise awareness to make it easy to identify and respond to the impact of climate change

14. Life below water: Protect areas for aquatic biodiversity

15. Life on land: Protect and restore vital ecosystems and species

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: Mobilise change through effective participation and governance

17. Partnerships for the goals: Deliver sustainability goals through cooperation, finance and data

For more information on the 17 priorities, please read the Guidance Notes.

We encourage applications to also consider their approach to the following areas:

1. Raising awareness: Help people to understand what the climate emergency is and how it relates to their lives.

2. Education: Equip people with the knowledge, tools and support so that they can help to tackle the climate crisis.

 3. Prioritising diversity and inclusion: Welcome all individuals to engage and do their best to engage with those that are underrepresented or most vulnerable to climate impacts.

4. Active participation: Provide opportunities for people to be part of the conversation, decision making and local action.

5. Communications: Signpost people to reliable sources of information, share local stories and news about achievements.

Amount: You can apply for a grant from £500-£1500.

Who can apply?

You can apply for a grant of up to £1500 if:

  • you are a voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) group locally rooted or actively working in the borough of Rochdale; and
  • you are a member of Action Together CIO (you can register for free to become a member here); and
  • you are formally constituted or can evidence you are actively working towards this.

Deadline: Monday 21 November 2022

How to apply: 

Please click here to complete the Application Form.

Please click here to see the Guidance Notes.

You must read Rochdale Borough Council’s Climate Change Strategy before applying, and demonstrate understanding of the priorities in your application.

Please send all completed application forms to

Contact: For more information, please contact

£1000.01 to £10,000
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Partnerships and Consortiums
Registered Charity
Social Enterprise
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Monday, 21 November, 2022