Tameside Social Prescribing

Tameside’s Social Prescribing team is here to support you to focus on improving your wellbeing through making connections in your local community. 

We use our local community knowledge to connect people to the support and opportunities available within their local voluntary and community sector. 

How we work with you to set goals

We will start by getting to know you over the phone or by video call. We can talk about ways to connect safely with local people and groups and, at your own pace, we can give you the information you need to re-connect with your community.

You will create a wellbeing action plan

As part of your plan, we will guide you to access a range of community resources to support you to improve your overall wellbeing. This might be social opportunities, places to get support with practical problems, or whatever you identify as your goal. We are not support workers, so the plan is that you will take the lead, we just help to get you started. 

We will:

  • Spend time getting to know you and where you’re at in your life just now
  • Help you figure out where you would like to be and set personal goals
  • Point you in the right direction and give you independent advice on the services and resources available to you
  • Link you to the support you need if you are struggling to take the first steps to do what you want to
  • Build your confidence while working with you on your personal action plan so that over time, you feel ready to take it forward on your own

Get in touch with Social Prescribing

Please click here to tell us a bit about yourself and how you think social prescribing might be able to help you. 

What happens next?

Someone will contact you for a chat about what we do to see if it is right for you. If you haven’t heard from us within a week of submitting your form, please contact us on Tel:0161 830 6833 or Email:action.together@nhs.net.

An example of what we do...

John was shielding and told us that he was used to being on his own and had never thought to reach out for support with this. We told him about some different local organisations, and he felt confident enough to be referred to a befriending service, near his home. They have matched him with a volunteer who will get to know him on the phone and will be able to visit him at home once restrictions are lifted. We will keep working with John for a short time to ensure that these new connections continue to grow, and flourish and support him to make new connections so that he no longer feels isolated from his local community.

Our Privacy Notice for Social Prescribing is available here.