Quiser's Social Prescribing Story

In the past year our Tameside Social Prescribing team have connected 190 people with activities at The Anthony Seddon Centre in Ashton, from mental health support to guitar lessons and mindfulness meditation.

Jyoti is our Social Prescribing Officer for Ashton, and met Quiser at The Anthony Seddon Centre. This is Quiser's Social Prescribing story.

Quiser found Action Together’s Social Prescribing service through information provided at The Anthony Seddon Centre in Ashton.

Jyoti is the Social Prescribing Officer for Ashton and runs a drop-in session every week at The Anthony Seddon Centre. The drop-ins are a chance to ask questions about Social Prescribing, find out more about what activities are happening in the community, and make a referral into Social Prescribing.

Quiser met Jyoti at a drop-in session and was able to ask about the connections he could make, and how engaging with the service could help support his health and wellbeing.

Jyoti completed a referral with Quiser, with a follow-up face-to-face appointment scheduled for the following week and a texted reminder of the date.

Meeting Social Prescribing clients and people interested in the service in community venues means people can be in familiar and comfortable surroundings to discuss their health, and Jyoti spoke privately with Quiser about what he would like to get from Social Prescribing. 

Quiser was looking for cooking groups in his area, and find out about ways to improve his health and wellbeing.

Following the discussion, Quiser and Jyoti set goals together. Firstly, for Quiser to contact his GP for medical advice on his health. Jyoti worked with Quiser to help him prepare for this telephone call, noting questions that he could ask that would help him get the information he needs.

"In the past I have not felt confident talking to my GP, buy Jyoti helped me to prepare. I made a note of the questions to ask, and this really helped."

Secondly, Jyoti provided Quiser with the detail of local groups across Tameside that deliver cooking sessions. Quiser loved the sound of the cooking course at New Life Church in Ashton. Jyoti contacted New Life Church with Quiser’s consent and found out more about the course, passing this on to Quiser who then signed up for the course.

"Jyoti gave me the details for local cooking sessions near where I live, and she gave me the confidence to sign up right away."

Action Together’s Social Prescribing team centre their work on what matters to their clients. Jyoti introduced Quiser to activities not only in Ashton, but across the borough too, including Café Pop in Hyde.

"Since working with the Social Prescribing team, I have achieved both of the goals I set with Jyoti.

I have been able to speak to my GP more confidently and I am looking forward to starting the cooking sessions at New Life Church.

I am glad that I attended the drop-in and got to work with Jyoti, as it's helped me to open up my world."

Jyoti is based at The Anthony Seddon Centre, OL6 6AQ, every Friday from 10am to 12pm. Drop in to speak to Jyoti about what's happening in Tameside and how to access Social Prescribing. Action Together's Community Team are also there to discuss volunteering, funding for your ideas and making connections in the community.

“I have had positive feedback from our members who have said that Jyoti has provided them with really good support from the drop-ins and one to one casework.

I am now actively promoting Jyoti’s drop-ins here.” - Ann, The Anthony Seddon Centre

You can make a referral to Social Prescribing:

Find out more at https://www.actiontogether.org.uk/tameside-social-prescribing