Let's End Hate Crime - Tameside

The main aims of these grants are to:
•    Raise awareness of what Hate Crime is.
•    Increase the reporting of Hate Crime.
Organisations must engage local people beyond their existing membership networks and should be:
•    Hold an awareness raising activity that can help become the catalyst for further conversations or
•    Delivering a longer-term project to help local people find out more about hate crime.
•    Helping to change/challenge the behaviours, narratives and perceptions of Hate Crime
•    Highlight the support of third-party reporting centres and encouraging more victims to report hate crimes to either the Police or third-party reporting centres across the Borough
Groups can apply for a grant of up to £1,000 to assist with the type of event / activity / project referred to above. 

Organisation   Project

Ashton United in the Community 


This group will Commission a local independent certified training provider to produce and deliver a series of sessions highlighting Hate Crime

Tameside Citizens Advice Bureau Limited 

  Citizens Advice Tameside,  want to raise client awareness about hate and what to do about it. They want to enable clients to report hate incidents themselves or with support and have generalist advisers to provide basic information and advice on hate incidents and hate reporting.


GW Theatre Company Ltd 


Mates Not Hates

Mates Not Hates project we will work with 9-11 year old children to raise awareness of hate crime, using a creative classroom workshop to first identify key issues and to then look together at ways in which they can be addressed and challenged.

Khush Amid


This group will will run an evening event / workshop  so that people who work during the day are able to attend.  poetry is a very popular event in the community and very well attended and this will be used as a platform to change/challenge the behaviours, narratives and perceptions of Hate Crime. 


Leap Children and Family centre


Lets End Hate Crime Community Event

Leap are looking to run a community activity day at the centre, where they will invite local families to come along and find out more about the centre and its services.  They would like to theme this around ending hate crime to raise awareness of what hate crime is, including information and support available..

Friends of Denton Community College


Stronger Together


FODCC will train 9 Restorative Justice Ambassadors to work with the school community and the Pride LGBTQ+ group to resolve issues of hate crime between peers.  They have partnered with LGBTQ+ partners and Tameside Youth Service to conduct joint work on Restorative approaches. they will give staff LGBTQ+ training. The project will be sustained through a planned drop down day for the whole school which is an awareness raising activity that can help become the catalyst for further conversations and initiatives with the young people and school community.


West African Development


BAME Youth Hate Crime


This group will deliver 4 workshops on hate crime to raise awareness to our youth on how they can prevent and report any hate crime they face. The session will allow our younger generation to engage with the local police and build positive lasting relationships with GMP

Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind


No Place for Hate


Mind will be producing 4 short films to highlight what hate crime is and how best to report it.

Denton West End Community Library


Be Kind and End Hate Crime

DWE Library will be holding a coffee morning, which will focus on ‘Being Kind and Lets End Hate crime.

Ark of Hope 


Hattersley connecting cultures. Inviting the local community to expercience the West African culture. 


Action Together’s Development team have a wealth of experience that could help you find and secure funding. Please contact us on Tel: 0161 339 2345 or Email: development@actiontogether.org.uk.