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Use Your Energy is an Action Together programme funded by Sport England which works with Tameside groups to engage and enable children and young people aged 5-18 years to become more active, more often. We have invested in your active ideas! Groups have applied for up to £500 to make your active idea a reality.  

We kicked off the first half in 2021 by offering groups up to £500 to bring an active idea to life. Following the success of this micro funding, it's time to get ready for the second half - giving you an opportunity to take your active ideas to the next level.

We now have three funding amounts that your group can apply for:

  • Up to £500 - Get that idea off the ground
  • Up to £2,000 - Develop and grow your idea
  • Up to £10,000 - Turn that big idea into action

To find out more and to apply, visit Use Your Energy page.

See below the groups that have been awarded the fund and the difference it made to the Borough.

Use Your Energy (Tameside) - Projects Funded in 2021/2022

Organisation   Project  

Droylsden Youth Centre



This group will Set up Wildcats for girls age 4-11 years old to participate in football in a safe and fun environment.


Friends of Denton Community College


This project is a 6 week after school activity programme to engage the young people and encourage them to take part in physical activity with the lead being a female member of the PE department.


Ashton United In The Community

  Cedar Park Juniors are regrouping and will meet every week on a Monday in Cedar Park and are aged between 9 – 11.  They are also actively looking to recruit more members and there are also 2 other groups based in the Cedar Park.  The base in Cedar Park is a perfect location to help the children become more active or become active again; given the pandemic, related restrictions, and fears  

Tameside Arts Ltd


This project is to get the young children from local schools and those with learning disabilities who come to them during holiday times to experience the great outdoors in as many different ways as possible and have three activities in mind to do this - woodland trails, countryside art and makaton experience.

Lindley Educational Trust    Sports and local walks for children aged 8-12 every Saturday for 5 weeks. They will take young people to local green spaces for an action-packed walk, with team building activities along the way.  
Richmond Street Community Centre  

There is an activity a day at the Richmond Street Community Centre in late August/September 2021 to let the local community know they have reopened and are active. 

Newton Cricket Club   This group will provide a weekly training session throughout the cricket season run by qualified CEB Level 2 coaches for children age’s 5 years upwards who do not qualify for our junior sections due to their ages or those under 9’s that are new and not ready for competition level junior cricket.  
Hyde Little Theatre    Hyde Little Theatre established a Youth Theatre in 2019 from children of members. This group will use the funds to support 20 sessions of dancing and movement that are fun for 1 hour per week.   
The Mountain of the Lord’s House  

Community Activities Galore!

This group are looking to deliver sessions of activities and games tailored to attract the different age groups in the community ranging from 8 – 17. These activities and games are ideas from the young people we consulted. For the younger age group, we will organise games / activities like, tug of war, man hunt, filling the baskets, skipping. For the older kids we will organise activities / games like, Arts & Crafts, table tennis, Graffiti art, Running, litter picking, Wellywalks (around the community). We will organise gardening for all the kids. This will provide the opportunity for the older ones to support the younger ones in planting pot flowers and vegetables in the centre. This is a new project with new ideas and they are hoping that this will attract young people and increase the desire for them to be more active.


Ashton Fencing Club


Fencing Fun for the young!

Ashton Fencing Club will introduce the Olympic Sport of Fencing to the children aged between 8 & 11 years old within the Tameside area.This will be a series of Taster sessions which we currently do not offer.

They have identified a need for these taster sessions through direct consultations with school children and through enquires from parents/young people who have contacted the Club.They will be using their Plastic Fencing Kit as this will give the experience of Fencing safely straight away.These sessions will take place at Astley Sports Village.We will be delivering 4 one-hour sessions one per week to be held on a Sunday morning and cater for a max of 12 young people per session

Friends of Denton Community College  


Friends of Denton Community College  have a well established LGBTQ+ group at college with 24 members and as an after school club run a lot of enrichment activities except physical activity.  The students have conducted a conversation café and discussed different physical activities they would like to get involved with outside of the usual school programme offered.  They would like to engage with Yogalates ( relaxation techniques) to build confidence and get active.  They would then use the exercises from the sessions at home to lead a healthier lifestyle.


The Together Centre  


The Together Centre would like to take local children out of the classroom and into the great outdoors come rain or shine, to explore the natural environment helping to improve wellbeing, and communication skills whilst making new friends. Just a few of the activities will include; Den Making, Sensory walks, Foraging, Mini beast hunts, Campfire Cooking, Woodwork, Nature Art, Hide and Seek, Grow your own Fruits and Vegetables, Puddle / Mud Jumping.. and MORE!

Denton Park Social Bowling Club  

French Bowls (Pentanque) Project for young people

Denton Park Social Bowling Club  will be organising fun days sessions for French Bowls  for absolute beginners providing tuition lesson with experience players  and coaching classes, this is part of our commitment to making the park area a fun, safe and active place to visit!

West African Development   

Ashton Knights!

The youth sessions at WAD will provide a number of different activities that will get them socially and physically active. These will include keep fit gaming sessions that will engage younger children (Nintendo wii), table tennis competitions and pool competitions along with keep fit classes/dance classes. These session will take place at WAD office which will be provided free of charge. 

Friends of Waterloo  

Waterloo Wombles clean up crew.

This group propose to deliver a series of litter picks in the Waterloo area.

These sessions will help in various litter hotspots in the area and will finish at Waterloo community centre, and Richmond Street Community centre, where they can offer refreshments and teach children how to recycle the litter that has been collected so they can take this information home making them not only active but more aware of environmental issues that affect the families as a whole.

They will deliver 6 sessions at weekly intervals and hope to attract a maximum of 20 children per session.

Bee- Amazed Musical Theatre Group.  

Be-Amazed-Getting Fitter through Dance!

Working with a group of young people Bee- Amazed want to create a new musical that  is based on time travel and the children will step back in time through a grandfather clock into different decades including the 1920’s, 60’s and 80’s.
We will aim to include 60 children aged 3 -18 and available from the Tameside area. 

Sessions will take place at:
1.    Ridge Hill Baptist Church
2.    Dukinfield Baptist church
3.    Heyrod Village Hall

The end show will take place in Hyde.


KIND Sensory & Activity Pod

Kind will be providing  a safe & stimulating environment, for children and young with additional needs.

Tameside Basketball Club    Tameside Basket Ball club will be holding some Come and Try sessions, which will allow children to come along and learn the game of basketball, the sessions will be for children who are new to the game and those who may have some experience but who do not currently play in a team.  
LEAP Children, Families & Communities   

Spring Green  

Leap will provide 4 half day workshops for a group of up to 12 Key Stage 2 children and young people (age 7 to 11years) based at their allotments. Here, they will have opportunities to experience gardening and growing, alongside fun physical activities in a natural environment

Friends of Sunnbank Vale   

Duck Trail around Sunnybank Vale.

The project aims to ensure that the footpaths as part of the Duck Trail are suitable and in a good condition to be safely used by children and their families irrespective of their physical abilities.  It will also make it more suitable for wheelchair users and others with disabilities.


Ensemble Theatre


A programme for young people that will also link with an adult’s theatre group to create an intergenerational ensemble for performance opportunities. The aim for the new young people’s inclusive arts programme is to use Dance and the arts to encourage a healthier lifestyle.



Action Together’s Development team have a wealth of experience that could help you find and secure funding. Please contact us on Tel: 0161 339 2345 or Email: