Voices for Health Equity Film Launch

Published date: 
Monday, 13th November 2023

At the start of November we were delighted to invite members of Action Together to Deeplish Community Centre for an afternoon launch of two very special, community-led films.

Earlier this year Rochdale based media company, Breaking Barriers, were commissioned as part of the CCG Health and Racial Inequalities work, to create a film displaying the challenges of mental health within marginalised communities. The result was two inspiring and impactful films to showcase the amazing work of the voluntary sector, and celebrate specifically the achievements of Rochdale AFC Community Trust and Deeplish Community Centre.

It was wonderful to see so many faces from across all sectors come together to join us and acknowledge the fantastic work that goes on across our borough to address these issues and more. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as our audience did on the day.

If you would like to know more about the work that our Action Together team in Rochdale are involved with and the thematic networks we facilitate, including Women’s Services Network, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Forum, Prevention Networks, Food Solutions Network and LGBT+ Forum, please get in touch with us at: development@actiontogether.org.uk

These films were commissioned by Action Together, and created by Breaking Barriers.
Film Maker: Kirstie Henderson, Brave Day
Executive Producer: Jodie Ratcliffe
Director: Parvez Qadir

Voices for Health Equity : Rochdale AFC Community Trust

Voices for Health Equity : Rochdale AFC Community Trust (Urdu version)

Voices for Health Equity : Deeplish Community Centre

Voices for Health Equity : Deeplish Community Centre (Urdu version)