Rochdale Early Help Assessment Training

Published date: 
Tuesday, 9th July 2019

Early Help Assessment training is aimed at people working directly with children, young people and their families. Our EHA training provides an overview of the Rochdale multi agency family approach to early help and support. The training prepares you to support families in the Early Help process as well as offer, identify and initiate Early Help assessments.
Following the training, we expect you'll work towards or already have access to the Early Help Module.
What does EHA training include?

Our EHA training includes:
• An introduction to the Family Services Model (FSM).
• When and how you can undertake an EHA.
• How you can use our Children's Needs and Response Framework (CNRF).
• What roles and responsibilities we have when we deliver Early Help support.
• When and how you can lead a Team Around the Family Meeting.
Do I have to complete EHA training?
There's no requirement for you to attend our training before completing an EHA or undertaking the role of lead professional, but we do recommend it.
We can also offer you support if you're completing an Early Help Support Package for a family. If you're interested in EHA help, call us using your local number below:
• Pennines 01706 922600
• Rochdale 01706 925200
• Heywood 01706 927500
• Middleton 0161 662 5100
How do I book my place for EHA training?
Contact Debbie Fraser on 01076 922 600/ We are happy to run a session at your setting if there are a number of people from your organisation who would like to complete this training.