#RightNow Campaign

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Published date: 
Wednesday, 17th March 2021

Charity and voluntary organisations have responded to the urgent needs of people across the country – quickly, effectively and without question.

Putting everything in to helping their communities, they have put their own survival on the line. With little chance to fundraise, a loss of income from trading and providing services, and – most of all – much greater demand, many charities are now in real danger of having to close completely.

But the immediate response to coronavirus is only the start. People across the country know that charities are #NeverMoreNeeded than now, and for theforeseeable future.

What we do and how we allocate resources will only be effective if we include the people, problems and places that are often overlooked.

The work charities do – and their relationships with communities – shows the need to strive to meet everyone’s needs and rights, right now and during the recovery.

#RightNow, the latest action from #NeverMoreNeeded, was launched in February 2021 to highlight what charities are doing for communities and causes, and to call on the government to create an emergency support fund for charities.

Organisations are being asked to sign an open letter to the Prime Minister and join in on social media with the hashtag #RightNow.

The open letter and other campaign materials can be found here.