RBH Community Funding Grants 2020

Published date: 
Thursday, 11th June 2020


Each year RBH makes grants of up to £5000 available for the benefit of our communities. We are able to award grants that enable the delivery of the following objectives: 

Work and Skills - help people to access employment opportunities and update their skills. E.g. weekly Job Club.
Digital Inclusion - help people access and use digital technology.
Financial Inclusion - help people to manage their money and make it go further. E.g. Pantry project or debt advice sessions.
Health and Wellbeing - help increase peoples’ health and wellbeing. E.g. Keep fit class, walking club, gardening club, health drop in sessions.
Lessening social isolation. E.g. a mums and tots club, a luncheon club for older people, or a gardening club.
Providing activities for children and young people. E.g. sport or homework clubs.
Improving or developing a green space in your neighbourhood.
Promoting mutuality across neighbourhoods - projects that bring different neighbourhoods and communities together in promoting RBH’s Mutual values.

Your project must:
Meet all current government guidelines around Covid-19
Clearly demonstrate a benefit to RBH customers and/or communities
Be completed (including all monitoring information requested by RBH) within 2 years of receipt
of your grant
Not have already started
Be based entirely in Rochdale Borough: Rochdale, Middleton, Heywood, Milnrow and
Littleborough. (Priority may be given to projects which address one or more neighbourhood
priority as identified on RBH’s neighbourhood action plans)

Who can apply? Your group must be an unincorporated association (community group), registered charity or CIC (Community Interest Company) with a turnover of less than £150,000 in the previous financial year.

Grant amount: Up to £5,000

Application process: Application form

Deadline: The Members’ Community Funding Panel will meet on the following dates to consider applications:
1st July 2020 – the deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 22nd June
9th September 2020 – the deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 24th August
13th January 2021 – the deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 21st December

Contact Information: If you would like to discuss your project idea, please contact the Community Partnership Team on 01706 273977 or email us on: communitypartnership@rbh.org.uk

Website address: www.rbh.org.uk/communityfunding/