Our Impact

Thanks to the help of generous local people and businesses we have been able to fund almost 90 community projects distributing £150,000 in the last five years.

We focus on the smaller, local groups who are enhancing health and well- being on our doorsteps or rebuilding lives affected by poverty, crime, isolation or unemployment in our own neighbourhoods.

Our grants to individuals give vital support for those who need a helping hand between the ages of 5 to 25 years old. So far we have awarded 17 Individuals with small grants, distributing £6,500.

Here are just a few of the community organisations that Tameside 4 Good Fund has supported and funded:

Baggy Trousers UK were awarded £3000

Baggy Trousers has been working hard to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer for Tameside people. The grant award has enabled the project team to run training, purchase equipment to demonstrate regular self-examination techniques, in order to promote early diagnosis and prevention in males ages 15 - 49.

Part of the  money was used to purchase two pairs of training examination prosthetic testicles. The training testicles have been on show for anyone to examine and educate themselves which potentially helps to save lives of young men.  Further rmore, giving more opportunities to increase the awareness of the need to regularly self-examine, with the hope that fewer men ignore the signs and seek the medical help needed to eradicate death from Testicular Cancer.

Baggy Trousers comment:

The funds granted by Tameside4Good enabled BaggyTrousersUK to develop and improve the awareness campaigns, with the funds we developed an engaging awareness video that educates boys and men on the signs and symptoms of Testicular Cancer. The video has been seen by over 80,000 people on social media and awareness talks delivered by BaggyTrousersUK. The funds have also contributed towards buying much needed equipment like training testicles, awareness leaflets and fundraising equipment to help generate more funds for BaggyTrousersUK. We’re very grateful of the help and support Tameside4Good has provided in the early stages of BaggyTrousersUK

Noah’s Art were awarded a £3,000

Noah’s Art is a local community group that supports isolated and vulnerable individuals with mental health, learning disabilities and dementia. Noah's Art is a progressive, innovative and therapeutic wellbeing service developed by a mental health nurse Sharon Hall. They have a selection of furry friends from Maggie the Jack Russel, Big Joey the French Lop Rabbit and many more.  Sharon Hall said:

The Tameside 4 Good funding has been providing the foundations for all of the projects. Thank you!

Shaun attends the sessions:

I feel part of the Noah's Art team and I enjoy helping out with the animals.

Shaun was also asked how Noah's Art has help him:

I'm working towards travelling independently to the sessions at Noah's Art, Loxley House. I like spending time with Maggie and Big Joey and I enjoy meeting other people at the sessions.

You can visit their website  for more information on the services they provide.