Oldham Lifelong Learning Service - learning opportunities for adults aged 19+

Picture of the lifelong learning centre building with Oldham Council logo
Published date: 
Sunday, 9th January 2022

Oldham Lifelong Learning Service is the adult learning service for Oldham Council. They provide a wide range of learning opportunities for adults aged 19+ to help you gain the skills you need to get a job, move on in your career or perhaps start your own business. They have 5 different curriculum teams which are:

  • Partnerships and Community Engagement (PACE)
  • English and Maths
  • ESOL
  • Vocation, Care and Education
  • ICT and Digital Skills

The Partnerships and Community Engagement (PACE) team work in close collaboration with a range of partners across Oldham to identify needs and deliver appropriate learning opportunities. This can be to engage people in adult learning who may have barriers to accessing education. Organisations  include schools, voluntary and community sector, faith sector, health partners, housing, libraries and other council services. Courses/workshops can be flexible to meet the needs of groups of learners. They can offer a range of free learning sessions which are funded and courses where fees apply. Advice and guidance are provided to learners regarding progression routes to help them achieve their goals.

Learners who have previously participated in their courses have commented on how much they have enjoyed classes and are proud of the new skills they have developed. Learners state how much of a positive impact the classes have had on their overall wellbeing and mental health by making friends and recognising the therapeutic benefits of attending courses. For some learners this has even led to them starting their own business as they have been motivated by the tutors to think about enterprise. Examples of the types of learning opportunities they can offer include: A range of art and crafts, sewing, cooking, baking, cake decorating, pottery, flower arranging, first aid, food hygiene, family learning (to help parents understand how children learn). Courses can be planned to suit the needs of learners and communities.

For further information contact either:

Kim Boughey, Curriculum Manager: kim.boughey@oldham.gov.uk / 0161 770 8029

Julie Miller, Community Link Tutor: Julie.miller@oldham.gov.uk

Yvette Cotman, Programme Leader: Yvette.cotman@oldham.gov.uk

Magda Szczepankiewicz, Programme Leader: Magda.szczepankiewicz@oldham.gov.uk