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Nichelle Cutler | Systems Change Facilitator

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What is my role?

My name is Nichelle (with an N not an M!) and I work as the Systems Change Facilitator for the Rochdale team.  This is a role that has transitioned from Neighbourhood Facilitator which included development and facilitating work, to focusing more specifically into deeply rooted systemic issues affecting our communities and how we positively and cooperatively transform these from the bottom up.  My role does this by nurturing cross-system relationships and facilitating thematic networks including Women’s Services Network, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Forum, and LGBT+ Forum.

What most excites me about this role?

The thing that excites me the most is to be part of real tangible change for those most disadvantaged in Rochdale. My passions lie in promoting racial equity, the rights of women and our Refugee and Asylum-seeking community, my role enables me to advocate for these issues and be an additional support in raising the voices of those disadvantaged by the current system, that is what I love about my job.

What drew me to work at Action Together?

I was looking for a role in the voluntary sector when I came across the Grants Admin role at Action Together, I had never worked in the voluntary sector before so was unsure as to what to expect and it took me a while to understand the role of the infrastructure organisation. I have now been with Action Together for two years and absolutely love my job. It’s a privilege to be able to support the VCFSE sector and to watch them grow and support the vast amount of people they do, they truly are the fourth emergency service. Every day is different and the team I work in are incredibly supportive, I have been encouraged by management into new roles, pushed out of my comfort zone to grow as a facilitator and trusted with my ideas and creativity.

My hopes for Rochdale are...

Gosh, I have so many hopes for Rochdale. I hope that the relationships between the local authority and the VCFSE sector continues to flourish for the greater good of the Rochdale people. I hope that opportunities continue to come to Rochdale so we are able to set an example of excellent community spirit for other small towns. I hope that we continue to strive to be a safe place for young girls and women, and I hope that the pride of the Rochdale people continues whilst we graciously welcome new cultures and communities into the borough.