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Judith Nyanjowa | Violence Reduction Alliance Facilitator

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What is my role?

I am the Violence Reduction Unit Facilitator for Rochdale and currently working on a project in Darnhill. This is a community led programme to reduce serious youth violence within the Darnhill area. My role is to co-design activities and priorities with young people, based on their ideas and insights and make sure that the voices of young people and communities are heard throughout the Violence Reduction Programme. I engage with young people and communities to understand the strengths and challenges of the area, mapping physical assets and getting to know who lives and works there to make their neighbourhood and community a better, safer, healthier and more inclusive place to live.

My role includes creating and strengthening relationships between partners, supporting the activity of a local funding panel distributing investment for the VRU community led programme and encouraging regular networking, learning, feedback and engagement events.

What most excites me about this role?

I have always loved working with young people and I am passionate about making a difference in communities and their lives. What excites me is that I get to meet and talk to young people, local residents to hear their issues and concerns and then work with the local groups and the community to design services that will create change and improve behaviours in order to reduce violence and make their community a safe place to live.

What drew me to work at Action Together?

I knew about Action Together through my voluntary work in Manchester, I love the work the organisation does strengthening and supporting the voluntary sector. My passion lies in fighting discrimination of any kind and I am passionate about empowering communities and promoting equity. I love to be part of something that is creating change for the better and making a difference which is what Action Together does and this is why I kept looking for jobs within the organisation and finally got the Violence Reduction Facilitator role.

My hopes for Rochdale are...

To create a safe community for everyone a community were young people have endless opportunities to end up in education, employment or training. To have long term solutions that will be sustained for the future so that results are lasting and support will always be available.