• The Bread and Butter Thing

    OL1 deliver the 'Bread and Butter Thing' on behalf of the official Bread and Butter Charity. We provide weekly groceries at a fraction of the high street prices through our membership scheme. We will try and always give you something for your cupboards and fridge and we are slowly building our supply. These are supplied from supermarkets, factories and farms. we work like a veg box scheme and everything is fresh. products are based on what's available and choice is limited to this. We take what is available and make up food bags for our members. A typical order is Three Shopping bags, one with fridge goods, one with cupboard goods, and one full of fruit and veg. There are a couple of steps to signing up: Step 1: Send us a text to 07860 063256 with your full name and Postcode and the name of your Hub (OL1) and we will get in touch. Step 2: Select the size of your order you would like. A typical family order would be £7 and an individual would be £3.50. An extra large family would be £14. Step 3: We'll send you a text every Tuesday to see if you want an order. All you have to do is reply 'YES' to the text by 12:00pm on Wednesday and we'll deliver your order to Barker Street Community Centre that Thursday at 1.30pm. Step4: Collect your goods from Barker Street Community Centre, (off Eden Street) Oldham, OL1 2XA. Drop us a line to try it out, there is no commitment, if you want an order just reply to the weekly text. As this is a new thing, your first order will be free of charge, so try us out at no cost to you!

    Contact for further details:
    Contact phone number: 07860063256

    Day: Thursday
    Time: Collection Time is at 1.30pm.
    Frequency: Weekly
    Cost: £5 - £10, £10 - £15

    Professional Referral:
    Self Referral: Yes
    Accessible for disabled people: Yes
    Accessible for people with language needs: Yes

    About the host organisation

    Hosted by: OL1 Oldham
    Organisation Profile:

    OL1 Oldham Meets every Tuesday at 2.30pm at Barker Street Community Centre (off Eden Street) OL1 2XA and works as an equal partner with over 25 local services. The group aims and objectives is to promote these services and offer support to help local people easily access the correct services in the correct way. We develop initiatives to assist in the delivery of services, Fund raise to support an annually nominated local charity and manage a busy community centre.

    We help to provide training and signpost local residents to opportunities available throughout the town and work with many smaller community groups.