Be One Percent

funding update

Aims/priorities: Be One Percent are accepting applications for grants to create effective funding partnerships and support different areas of poverty alleviation across the developing world.

Twelve projects are available for funding in 2022, with priority given to ‘efficient and effective’ organisations working in the following areas:

  • Water and Sanitation.
  • Food and Nutrition.
  • Health and Vaccination.
  • Education and Microfinance.

Past examples include partnerships with the Against Malarian Foundation to provide over 40,000 mosquito nets to people across the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Ghana, or with Mary’s Meals to help feed over 1.6 million children every school day across Malawi and Liberia.

Who can apply? To be considered your charity must:

  • Be working to alleviate poverty within some of the worlds poorest countries and communities.
  • Be a registered charity; with The Charity Commission in England and Wales, The OSCR in Scotland or internationally.
  • Have been active for 2 years or more.
  • Have a charitable spend of 90% or more or be able to use 100% of a Be One Percent grant for charitable activities. Ideally both.
  • Have a maximum yearly income of £50,000,000.
  • Be able to ring-fence a grant amount set by us for a specific outcome or for a specific purpose within a larger project or practice.

Grant amount: £6,500

Application process: Please get in touch before preparing a proposal to check that you are eligible to apply.  Following that you will need to supply the funder with:

  • A 1 page summary of where a grant of £6,500 would be spent including location and scale with a headline that explains simply what you expect to achieve.
  • 2-5 high quality images  representing this work.
  • The estimated number of people directly benefitting from the proposed activity over the following 12-18 month period.

Deadline: Not specified

Contact Information:

Website address:

£1000.01 to £10,000
Registered Charity
Funding Theme: 
Health and Wellbeing