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Action Together works with our local Age UK Tameside to deliver the lottery funded program, Ambition for Ageing Tameside which aims to reduce social isolation in the over 50’s population in Ashton Waterloo, Denton South and Newton Hyde through targeted asset based community development (ABCD) approaches. Click here to view the latest newsletter.

The Ambition for Ageing project vision is to:

  • connect communities and people through the creation of relationships.
  • help to create places that are age-friendly and that will empower people to live fulfilling lives as they age.
  • embrace the celebration of age, creating the opportunity for people to contribute to the ageing agenda, offering choice and helping them to make more and better connections so that they can live fulfilling lives in their communities.

We would like to involve community groups, individuals and businesses from Ashton Waterloo, Denton South and Newton Hyde to help us create more age-friendly communities and find out the best ways to reduce social isolation. We can invest small amounts of money (up to £2,000) to support the community to bring to life some of their own ‘age friendly’ project ideas. If your idea costs a little more than £2,000, please get in touch with us.  The Greater Manchester Programme Board can authorise slightly larger amounts or we could signpost you to other sources of funding.

Our Age Friendly Project Group make the decisions about what to invest in.  This group is made up of people aged 50+ and professionals who work with people aged 50+.  We will ask you for more information about your idea and present it to our Project Group who will make the decision.


Click here to download the Summer Ambition for Ageing newsletter

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Click here to download our latest report on Denton South Research

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Click here to find out more about the local delivery lead and focus group feedback.


Get involved to help make your community more ‘age-friendly’.  There are lots of ways you can get involved:

  • Become a community researcher – help us to find out more about what’s happening in the local community, record community assets and find out what people want

  • Provide project support – help us to prioritise the work we do in each area and help us to run some of the local activities

  • Provide administrative support - help with admin and day to day tasks.

  • Help us at events – help us with planning, setting up and running community events.

If there are other skills and talents that you want to share, get in touch, and we will work with you to look at opportunities.

To volunteer for Ambition for Ageing, please contact the Ambition for Ageing Tameside team, details below:


Ruth Madden - Tel: 0161 339 2345; Email:

Sandra Jackson - Tel: 0161 339 2345; Email: 

Asset Mapping  find out what good things are happening in Ashton Waterloo, Denton South and Newton Hyde.

We have been collecting information about some of the things that are happening in Ashton Waterloo, Denton South and Newton Hyde and have started to put together this information on maps of the area so that we will be able to share this information with other people.  

If you know of a group or activity that takes place in one of these areas, please let us know and we will add the information to the maps to share with others.