Emmett's Social Prescribing Story

Action Together deliver Social Prescribing services in Oldham and Tameside. Not everyone referred to Social Prescribing is suitable for the service, but our teams' connections and knowledge mean we can still help in getting people support. This is Emmet's story.

Emmett made a self-referral into Social Prescribing in June 2022, having found out about Action Together’s service at his accommodation, and referring himself to get help with a housing issue. Prior to assigning Emmett to a member of the Social Prescribing team, Social Prescribing Administrator Natalie contacted Emmett for further information on his circumstances, to identify if Social Prescribing was best suited to work with him.

Natalie identified that Emmett was already under Tameside Housing Services, who we work alongside for housing issues in Tameside, and that he had a case worker. Emmett informed Natalie that he had been threatened by another resident, which he had reported to the police and his case worker at Tameside Housing. In line with Tameside Housing's policies, the perpetrator was banned from the accommodation and Emmett was supported by his case worker who provided him with a range of support options. However due to the distress caused by the experience Emmett made the difficult decision to sleep on the streets.

Recognising the difficulty that Emmett was in, Natalie contacted a range of services and voluntary and community groups to help Emmett make connections for further support. We made contact with The Salvation Army, Greystones, and New Life Church (Ashton).

Natalie also utilised the wider Action Together team including our Ashton Primary Care Network Link Worker Tiff, who provided detail of a range of safe places for food and support. Chris, our Community Development Officer for Denton, provided guidance on local homelessness projects, and Sue, our Partnerships Officer, signposted Natalie to Emmaus Mossley. Natalie maintained regular contact with Emmett, updating him with new information by telephone and email.

Throughout, Emmett was listened to and kept at the centre of the conversation. Natalie recommended that Emmett speak to his duty worker at Tameside Housing again, which he did. Natalie followed up with Emmett after he spoke to his duty worker and he said he was "feeling more positive" about his situation. After putting Emmett in contact with local support to help him with his housing issue and providing information on a range of other services and community opportunities alongside support from Tameside Housing, with Emmett's agreement his Social Prescribing case was closed as he felt he had the right support in place.

Natalie assured Emmett that he was welcome to connect with the Social Prescribing team in the future, and Emmett was appreciative of Natalie’s time and the information she provided on the various lines of support in his area.

Natalie contacted several services and community groups, who were all very helpful and quick to respond to any questions we had. Although Emmett’s referral was not assigned to one of our Social Prescribers, he was provided with time and space to share his circumstances and an understanding of his situation. With the compassion and support provided by Natalie he was encouraged to utilise the support on offer from Tameside Housing along with local services and charities, and was left feeling much better about his situation.

Natalie spent over ten hours in contact with Emmett and the identified services and groups, in one example of how our Social Prescribing team will work with people to connect them to the right support, even when Social Prescribing may not be the most suitable avenue for that person.

You can make a referral to our Oldham Social Prescribing service and Tameside Social Prescribing service on our website.

Advice on homelessness and housing can be found on Tameside Council's website.