• Milestones

    Milestones is a reward based initiative aimed at clients presenting with complex needs. Milestones are rewarded when any actions benefiting the individual or wider community is completed. Examples of this include: Participation in training Attendance at in house events Completion of voluntary tasks After the required number of milestones are achieved a none-monetary item will be awarded (examples are IT equipment, travel passes & accredited training courses) Please contact us to find out how you can be part of The Milestone initiative.

    Contact for further details: Infinity Initiatives
    Contact phone number: 0161 339 6137

    Time: Please get in touch for more information
    Frequency: Weekly
    Cost: Free

    Professional Referral:
    Self Referral:
    Accessible for disabled people: No
    Accessible for people with language needs: Yes

    About the host organisation

    Hosted by: Infinity Initiatives C.I.C
    Organisation Profile:

    Infinity addresses inequalities and enables positive change. We work with individuals and families without criteria, timeframes or thresholds. Support is offered by way of access to the pay what you can cafe, through training and education, via a 1:1 key advocacy and support worker or at our drop ins. We provide an in-house counselling service and a real thinking outside the box approach to business, support and social change in the areas of: mental health, homelessness, housing, debt and illegal money lending, benefits and entitlements, no recourse to public funds, family matters, employability, offending and anti-social behaviour, food poverty and school holiday hunger.